Apple iPhone 5/5c Repair

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Apple iPhone 5/5c Common Issues


If you aren’t able to talk to someone without using the speakerphone option, you likely have a faulty bottom microphone. This is repaired by a replacement of the charge dock which houses the loudspeaker and home button connections along with the main microphone. If your calls work fine but Siri or Snapchat don’t hear you, then you may have a faulty top microphone which is repaired by replacing the proximity sensor flex which also houses the front camera. Whichever microphone you need replaced on your iPhone 5s, My Broken Phone has the parts in stock!



Since the release of the iPhone 5, Apple has switched its standard charging dock from the long and bulky connector to the inter-flippable lightning cable. While this new type of port is typically more durable than its predecessor, it can still break. Conveniently, it can also still be fixed. If you run into problems charging or iPhone or if you can’t fully plug the charger into the device, stop by My Broken Phone for a quick and cost effective repair.


Headphone jack

Along with the charge dock, the headphone jack is the only other open port of the iPhone. Anywhere you can plug and unplug something inside a smartphone leaves room for more common moisture and wear-and-tear damage. The headphone jack on the iPhone is directly connected to the charge port. If your headphone jack isn’t working properly or if something has become stuck inside, your charge port and audio jack can typically be replaced in under one hour at My Broken Phone.