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Cell phones can suffer from a multitude of different problems and malfunctions.  Damage from water, dust particles, being dropped and many other factors leave your cell phone in need of repair.  Though there are various resources to help troubleshoot the issue and attempt a DIY cell phone repair, there’s always the chance that more problems can arise, making for an expensive repair.

If you’re located in Sarasota, Florida, we recommend letting us analyze the damage and repair the issues causing malfunctions in your phone.  Our cell phone repair team of specialists has experience in fixing a wide variety of cell phones with a wide variety of problems.  Our knowledge and expertise in the cell phone repair industry gives us the ability to identify, isolate and repair damages that cell phones suffer from, sometimes even after other industry professionals deem the device unable to be repaired.  Our customers are amazed at our innate ability to fix their broken phones and we take pride in being able to do so.  No matter what the issue, our cell phone repair skills will be sure to provide the best solution in fixing your mobile device.

Our Sarasota location provides dependable, affordable service that is individually catered to each of our customers every time they walk through our doors.  Since starting in 1999, we have always shifted with, and adapted to, the changes and advancements in technology.  Because of this, we always carry top-quality replacement parts and always provide genuine customer service.  Our cell phone repair technicians are able analyze and diagnose the extent of the damage, repair your phone to look and operate like new while keeping you informed every step of the way.  If your phone has suffered from any kind of damage or is not performing as intended, visit My Broken Phone in Sarasota and let us repair your cell phone!

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