tabletrepair-ggWith the majority of mobile phones available being smartphones, each consumer knows that their new phone will be packed with awesome features. Between the iPhone and Android phone models, it’s always a good idea to make phone users best practices into good habits. From protecting your phone to making sure you don’t overcharge your phone you can find countless information to give your smartphone a long, healthy lifespan. However, what about that one thing you wish you could do with your cell phone or that one option you always keep turned off from not knowing what it will do to your device?

Smartphone “Hacks” are really things that can be done to your smartphone to do things like add an extra feature, go around the limitations of the smartphone, or improvise its functionality. This can mean something as simple as placing your smartphone in a glass or metal bowl when playing music to make the sound more audible or something similar. So long as the user has a smartphone or cell phone of some kind and various household items or the knowledge of how a phone works, the possibilities can very greatly depending on what hacks are used.