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Samsung Galaxy S3 Common Issues

No Touch

Unlike iPhones and most Samsung devices, HTC does not integrate the digitizer into the LCD. On almost all HTC devices, the top glass of your phone is actually an electric circuit that is used to register your finger on the screen. That means this if the screen is cracked or damaged, the circuit will become incomplete and will no longer register your touch properly or at all. If your HTC device has lost touch functionality, bring your device into our technicians at My Broken Phone and have your screen replaced at a low price.


SIM Card Read Error

If you’re having issues with your HTC reading the SIM card, you are not alone. SIM card errors are very common in this type of phone. Luckily, they are also repairable. The first thing to try is to get a new SIM card from your carrier. If this doesn’t solve your problem you may need to have a new SIM tray installed. This is an extensive and convoluted repair that should only be completed by a trained professional. Bring your HTC with the SIM card issue into your local My Broken Phone and get your device working again!


Power Button Stuck

The HTC DNA’s power button is a small, red switch located at the top of the device. Underneath the red plastic is a rubber nipple that is depressed into a metal dome to complete the switch and tell the phone to power on or off when pressed. After some time, the rubber nipple tends to wear down and will cause your power button to jam, making it inoperable. If you’re unable to power on or off your HTC DNA, bring it by My Broken Phone and have a technician repair the issue at a competitive rate!