HTC One (M9) Repair

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HTC One (M9) Common Issues

Broken Camera Lens

Due to the construction of the HTC One M9’s body, the rear camera lens is easily damaged. Most users don’t even realize that they have damaged the camera lens until they go to take a picture and notice a blur. The camera lens on your HTC One M9 can be replaced at an My Broken Phone location.


No Touch

Unlike iPhones and most Samsung devices, HTC does not integrate the digitizer into the LCD. On almost all HTC devices, the top glass of your phone is actually an electric circuit that is used to register your finger on the screen. That means this if the screen is cracked or damaged, the circuit will become incomplete and will no longer register your touch properly or at all. If your HTC device has lost touch functionality, bring your device into our technicians at My Broken Phone and have your screen replaced at a low price.


Vibrate Not Working

The HTC One M9’s vibrate motor is built in such a way that it commonly gets stuck and will no longer work correctly. This can be a very unfortunate problem to have, especially if you can’t use the ringer on your phone. While the HTC One M9 is a bear to open, once we have access to the vibrate motor, it is a relatively simple to replace. Bring your HTC One M9 into a My Broken Phone repair center and have your vibrate motor working again in under 2 hours.