HTC Tablet Repair


Is your HTC tablet not functioning properly? Perhaps it freezes or becomes unresponsive to touch, even not turning on though it’s been charged for a couple of hours? Regardless of what the issue is, your HTC needs repaired. How will you know what needs fixed without knowing what the actual problem is being caused by? There are many repair companies today that can diagnose what the issue is. However, this kind of service is usually charged for, ultimately creating a more expensive repair bill.

The alternative is to bring your device to My Broken Phone. Our team of diagnostic specialists can get to the bottom of your tablet’s malfunction without costing you anything. Our experience has made us a leader in the mobile device repair industry and allows us to analyze and diagnose why your HTC tablet isn’t functioning the way it was intended to. With our abilities and top-of-the-line components and toolkits, we will keep you informed with the test results for you to make the best decision for your HTC tablet.

illustration [Converted].epsGlass/Touch Screen Replacement

The glass and touch screen of your HTC tablet is damaged, now your device isn’t much more useful than an oversized paperweight. In an irritating situation like this, what’s the best course of action? Even if you hope to have it repaired, many repair shops will charge just as much for you to go out and purchase a brand new one. Some repair shops may even deem your HTC tablet as being “beyond repair”.

The good news is, My Broken Phone can keep you from having to purchase a brand new tablet and also save you time and money. Our goal is to repair your device and provide complete customer satisfaction. That means no outrageous repair fees, no wasted time, no new tablet, and no irritation. Our repair specialists have the experience and tools needed to return your tablet back to optimum running condition so that it looks and functions like new. If your glass/touch screen is damaged, let My Broken Phone handle it for you.

Water Damage Repair

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When your mobile device suffers from water damage, it can easily be rendered useless. Unfortunately, even if the damage doesn’t occur to have affected your device, it’s still at risk down the road. When water, or any liquid, gets into your device it can short-circuit many components and cause wires or other parts to corrode over time. That’s why it is so crucial to get your HTC tablet repaired as soon as possible to avoid irreversible damage. So why not bring it in to My Broken Phone and receive the most reliable and cost-effective repair solutions for your water damaged tablet?

Our Water Damage Repair teams have years of experience in repairing mobile devices of all kinds that have been exposed to liquids. We use the newest components and best tool kits for handling your device and will return it looking and functioning like new, without a drop of water still inside! Since 1991, My Broken Phone has adapted to the large amount of changes in mobile technology and we are a leader in our industry because of it. Contact us or bring your HTC tablet in where our technicians will be more than happy to remove any and all water damage from your device.