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A broken iPad, cracked screen and other damages can be frustrating, but don’t have to be permanent.  An iPad can handle quite a bit of abuse before completely breaking and refusing to operate at all.  However, it can still suffer damages that require repairs or, at worst, an entire iPad replacement.  Before you waste money purchasing a brand new iPad, though, visit My Broken Phone in Sarasota!  Our iPad repair specialists can save you time, money and frustration by fixing your iPad to look and perform like new.

Since 1999, My Broken Phone has been fixing a very large variety and volume of mobile devices, each with their own very large variety of problems.  Our repair team of technicians has always successfully adapted to advancements in technology and, as such, always carries the newest, most dependable toolkits and replacement parts.  Our knowledge and ability to analyze, identify, and isolate mobile device problems amazes customers when we repair damages that other industry professionals claimed to be beyond repair.  Whether the newest or oldest model, our team of specialists have the best solutions for iPad repair.

Between genuine customer service and iPad repair service, My Broken Phone Sarasota will guarantee to exceed your expectations.  Our goal and top priority is providing the best customer service and satisfying our customers to the fullest extent, with a repaired iPad in hand.  That being said, should your iPad suffer a fall to a hard surface, to a bucket of water and the like, don’t wait for your own toolkits to come in the mail and don’t wait to get it looked at.  Bring your iPad to us and we will leave you with an iPad that looks and functions just as good as the day you purchased it.

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