iPad Repair

LCD Repair

iPad Air-repair1A damaged LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) within your iPad can result in distorted or discolored images and your iPad could even be unresponsive to touch gestures or worse. Repairs or part replacements can be a very overwhelming DIY task and your iPad should be taken to a repair specialist right away. As horrifying as a damaged iPad can be, there’s no need to let it get you down. However, where is the best place to take your iPad?

My Broken Phone has experienced LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Replacement Specialists that can return your iPad to as good as new. Using only the best toolkits, with years of experience in repairing iPads and other mobile devices, we offer the most affordable, customized repair solutions for you. Our goal is to repair your device to its optimum working condition while providing you with the best customer service possible. Let our repair teams analyze, diagnose and repair your device so that you can get back to using your iPad as it was intended.

Dock Connector Repair

What happens when your iPad is docked but nothing happens? A faulty dock connector can be very irritating to say the least. Materials such as dust, dirt and liquids can cause dock connector malfunctions and can even spread throughout the rest of your iPad only causing more malfunctions in the future. To keep your iPad functioning, as it was intended to and to avoid an expensive repair bill, take it to get repaired right away.

At My Broken Phone, our Dock Connector Repair Technicians are ready and willing to fix your iPad. Through our diagnosis testing we are able to identify, isolate and repair your device, returning it to you looking and functioning as good as the day you bought it. My Broken Phone has been adapting to technology advancements and repairing devices since 1991, making us leaders in the mobile device repair industry. We take pride in our experience and abilities to use top-of-the-line tool kits for repairing your devices while being able to provide individualized service to each of our customers. Get your Dock Connector repaired with My Broken Phone now.


Camera Replacement

iPads can take beautiful pictures. However, a malfunctioning or broken camera can prevent you from being able to take or share photos with others. There are many small pieces that are used for the lens and camera of the iPad and they can be damaged if the glass covering the lens is cracked and/or if materials such as dirt, dust, and liquids spread through the iPad. Though the camera isn’t impossible to replace yourself, it can be overwhelming or difficult if you’ve never done your own repairs on a mobile device before. So where can your iPad be taken in order to both get repaired and avoid an expensive repair bill?

The best choice would be to bring your device in to My Broken Phone and let our iPad Camera Replacement Specialists take care of the issue. Our teams provide the most affordable solutions and use top-tier toolkits to get the job done. As leaders in the mobile device repair industry, we will return your iPad to you functioning just like the day you purchased it. We have many customers that are amazed to have their device repaired by us when other industry professionals charged much higher prices or deemed the iPad as un-repairable. Contact My Broken Phone and let us repair your iPad today.

iPad Air2AWater Damage Repair Diagnostic

Water damage to your iPad can cause a wide variety of problems both immediate and over time. Any liquid can cause components to short circuit and stop working completely and can cause wires to corrode over time resulting in further damages. When your iPad is damaged by liquid you should immediately attempt to remove as much of it as possible from your device. Though DIY water damage repair isn’t recommended, there are various ways that have become popular for helping to remove most of the water from an iPad.

However, My Broken Phone recommends bringing your iPad in to have our Water Damage Repair Specialists run diagnostic tests to see what the extent of the damage is. Because of how many parts are in an iPad, it is possible for liquids to spread where they cannot be reached, causing further damage over time that you weren’t aware of. Our teams can analyze, diagnose and repair your iPad to its optimal working condition, looking and functioning as good as the day you brought it home. Water damage is serious; don’t wait to contact My Broken Phone for repairs!

Headphone Jack Repair

A broken headphone jack leaves the privacy of your webcam calls, music, and videos from being only heard by you. It can be frustrating at the time you need to use headphones most, regardless of how much or little you use headphones with your iPad. Though headphone jacks aren’t very expensive to replace, it can be a daunting task if you’ve never attempted or completed any DIY repairs on your device. Depending on what caused the headphone jack to malfunction, repairs may be needed immediately. If liquid damage is the reason your headphone jack isn’t working, the worst thing that can be done is neglecting to get repairs done as soon as possible. This could allow the liquid to spread through the rest of your iPad and cause much more damage over time.

The safest thing to do for your iPad is to bring it in to My Broken Phone. Our Headphone Jack Repair Specialists have many years of knowledge and experience in dealing with repairing headphone jacks and water damage. Each customer receives nothing but the best, individualized service and we only use top-shelf toolkits for our repairs. My Broken Phone takes pride in being a leader in the mobile device repair industry and being able to provide affordable solutions for you. Contact My Broken Phone about your iPad’s headphone jack and we will return your device to you in optimal working condition.


Loud Speaker Repair

Headphones are good to use if you are trying not to disturb others, but what about the times that you play a movie or music for more than yourself? iPads have built in loud speakers, of course, but a loud speaker that doesn’t work can be problematic and irritating. What’s more, is that there are many repair companies that will charge a fee just to verify what the problem is and how the problem came to be. So where can you take your iPad for reliable and affordable repairs to avoid burning a hole in your wallet just to have the ability to use your device’s loudspeaker?

The answer is My Broken Phone. Our Loud Speaker Repair Technicians have many years and experience in repairing iPads and other devices that have suffered from the same malfunction(s). We diagnose, isolate and repair/replace your iPad’s problems and return your device to you operating like new. My Broken Phone will provide the best affordable solutions for your iPad without the expensive repair bill.

Home Button Repair

Your iPad’s home button is the most simple, yet completely necessary pieces of an iPad. There are various commands that it can be used for and if it’s broken it can cause frustration and a lack of using your device as intended. Home buttons can be damaged from liquid, bring dropped, being pressed down with too much pressure, and more. Some of these factors could even leave your iPad susceptible to additional damage if not taken care of in a timely manner.

Bring your iPad into one of My Broken Phone’s locations and receive nothing but individualized customer service for both you and your iPad. Our Home Button Repair Specialists have fixed countless iPads with various problems. Our goal is to provide you with the most affordable solution possible and repair your device to look and function just like new. Take comfort in knowing that we have been repairing and adapting mobile devices since 1991 and use nothing but the best toolkits for each job. Contact My Broken Phone and see how we can help you avoid an expensive repair bill and fix your iPad’s home button.


Power Button Repair

An iPad’s power button allows you to turn your iPad on or off and lock your iPad’s screen when it isn’t in use. If your iPad’s power button malfunctions or stops working, you may run into problems trying to find an alternative way to do what your power button does. However, as frustrating as it seems, there is a solution to get your iPad’s power button repaired without paying an expensive bill. Though many repair shops will charge for diagnosis testing alone, My Broken Phone will analyze and diagnose the cause of your power button’s malfunction and suggest what the best option for repairs would be, without the high prices.

Our technicians have repaired countless iPads with countless problems. My Broken Phone uses only top-of-the-line toolkits and the most reliable components in order to return your iPad in the best condition possible. Each customer that steps foot into our stores receives completely genuine and individualized service for their devices. My Broken Phone’s Power Button Repair Specialists will have your iPad looking and functioning just like the day it was purchased.

Volume Button Repair

How do you turn the volume up or down on your iPad for things such as listening to music, watching movies, using Facetime and other things if the volume buttons are no longer functioning? This can prove to be problematic and should be taken care of right away. DIY repairs on your iPad’s volume buttons are by no means impossible but can seem overwhelming if you’ve never attempted your own repairs. There are various toolkits that can be purchased and used in order to locate and fix the issue. However, it is always recommended that a certified repair specialist examine, diagnose, and repair your iPad.

That’s why My Broken Phone offers affordable, personalized service for each iPad brought into our stores. Our iPad Repair Specialists use the best toolkits and components for getting the job done. Your iPad will be returned in optimal working condition looking and functioning as intended. Our goal is to repair your iPad while offering the best customer service possible to ensure you are completely satisfied with our service. Contact My Broken Phone and bring your iPad in for repairs today.


Battery Replacement

A malfunctioning iPad battery can mean the difference between a device with a very short lifespan and your device becoming a paperweight. Regardless of what problems that a malfunctioning battery causes, it still leaves the rest of your iPad at risk for further damage. Batteries tend to begin shorting out or having slight longevity issues if the iPad is overcharged (left on the charger too long), undercharged (the iPad’s battery isn’t charged often enough), or if it suffers damage from liquid. The battery may start to corrode and leak, spreading through the rest of your iPad.

My Broken Phone specializes in mobile device repair and replacement. Our battery replacement specialists offer affordable, individualized solutions for each of our customers. Using top-of-the-line toolkits with many years of experience, we return your iPad back to you looking and functioning like new. Our ability to diagnose, isolate and repair your device makes us leaders in the mobile device repair industry. Don’t risk a high repair bill by waiting to have your iPad’s malfunctioning battery replaced, contact My Broken Phone now.