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When you need an  iPhone repair store My Broken Phone in Clearwater can fix your broken iPhone better and faster than anyone else. Since 1999, My Broken Phone has provided superior customer service and support, as well as unmatched iPhone repairs. Our highly skilled technicians often fix broken iPhones deemed unfixable by other specialists. This is largely because of our state of the art iPhone repair equipment, including micro soldering tools.

iPhone Repair in Clearwater FLYour iPhone should look and function like new following repairs, which is why we only use high quality replacement parts. We know how to fix everything from water-damaged devices to faulty charging ports. Need a new battery? We’ve got it!For more complicated repairs involving motherboard damage, we offer micro-soldering repairs including “touch disease” remedies. Touch Disease is a common iPhone problem that can only be fixed with micro soldering, a skill few are equipped to provide.

Most repairs can be completed on the spot and right in front of you. Think about it, do you really want someone disappearing into a back room with your device? Yeah, it weirds us out too. Our number one goal is to provide superior customer service, which includes protecting your privacy. That’s why our technicians conduct iPhone repairs directly in front of you.

If your iPhone is broken you might be tempted to try and fix it yourself. We wouldn’t recommend risking it unless you have adequate experience taking apart iPhones and putting them back together. Some phones are trickier than others to deconstruct, and the iPhone remains the most complicated of all. Just one little mistake could easily result in your phone breaking beyond repair.

My Broken Phone Clearwater has the tools, experience and high quality replacement parts necessary to make your broken iPhone look and function like new. Our Clearwater iPhone repair team will assess damages and provide you with the best possible solution in regards to both cost effectiveness and longevity of your device. We stop at nothing to satisfy all of your iPhone repair needs.

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