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At My Broken Phone in Sarasota, our top priority is to provide our customers with iPhone repair support they can depend on.  Since 1999, My Broken Phone has adapted to the progress in mobile technology and, as a result, we have always stayed up to date with technological advances.  Because of this, our Sarasota location, and our other locations, provides a cutting edge team of iPhone repair specialists and carry the latest and top-of-the-line iPhone repair equipment.  Over the years we have worked with an enormous amount of iPhones, all of which contained problems in need of repair.  If your phone should suffer damages, visit My Broken Phone for your Sarasota iPhone repair needs!

A drop from a few feet up, too many dust particles, water and other things can damage or break your iPhone.  Should this happen, many companies will charge a lot of money to replace your device.  The alternative route would appear to be for you to purchase the appropriate toolkit and repair the iPhone yourself.  However, if anyone is inexperienced in opening, repairing and properly putting the iPhone back together, this DIY project could appear overwhelming and result in more problems or damages.  Instead of costing more time, money and frustration, let one of our iPhone repair specialists analyze the issue.  With diagnostic tests, our team can determine where the problem lies and how to resolve it.

A broken iPhone can look and appear to be in horrible shape, but before wasting money to have an industry professional tell you that it’s not repairable, bring it to My Broken Phone in Sarasota.  We cater our customer service for you and your iPhone and leave you with a device that feels, looks and performs like the day you purchased it.  Our Sarasota iPhone repair team will provide you with the best possible solution to satisfy your every need.

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