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A cracked or broken iPhone screen is bad enough to ruin your whole day, but do you know what’s worse than that?  Not getting your iPhone screen repaired as soon as possible.  By not replacing the screen on your iPhone, the small cracks allow dust, dirt, water and other materials that could ruin the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), circuitry, responsiveness and more.  This could ultimately lead to more problems in the future and a higher repair bill over time.  So if your iPhone screen is cracked, where is the best place to take your phone for repairs?

The answer is My Broken Phone in Sarasota!  Our iPhone screen repair specialists have repaired countless screens that have suffered damage from a large variety of different things.  Our examination, diagnostic tests and analysis will provide both you and our team with the best solution for the degree of damage and method of repair.  Many of our customers are shocked when we return a repaired iPhone that other repair professionals have stated is beyond repair.  So why pay more for a whole new phone when we can repair it for a fraction of the cost, leaving it looking and performing like new?

Our biggest priority is satisfying our customers and, through many years, we have always been able to deliver on that priority.  My Broken Phone began in 1999 and has always kept up with changes and advancements in technology.  As such, each of our locations come equipped with top of the line repair equipment and environments specifically suited for iPhone and other mobile repair of all kinds.  If your iPhone suffers from a broken screen, don’t pay to replace it or attempt your own repairs.  Visit us in Sarasota for all of your solutions in iPhone screen repair.

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