iPod Nano Repair


illustration [Converted].epsThe iPod Nano has been around for many years and has proved to be one of the most reliable, portable, music playback devices. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t susceptible to damage and malfunctions. With a device so simple and easy to use, a malfunction could actually be difficult to pinpoint and know what part of the device needs repaired. However, be mindful that there are many companies that charge a diagnostic fee just for looking and verifying the problems of your iPod Nano. There’s no reason you should need to pay just to have your iPod Nano looked at, so what should be done?

Your iPod Nano should be brought over to the diagnostic specialists at My Broken Phone. With experience in diagnosing countless mobile devices, including iPod Nanos, there is no damaged device we can’t diagnose and/or repair. Our ability to analyze, diagnose and isolate issues within the mobile devices we repair has made us leaders in the mobile device repair industry. Through close attention to detail, our diagnosis allows you to be accurately informed in order to make the best decision for having your device repaired. Contact My Broken Phone for more information.

Battery Replacement

illustration [Converted].epsA malfunctioning or damaged battery can leave your iPod Nano unable to play music on the go. Depending on the type of damage and severity, your battery could rupture and leak into the rest of your iPod Nano, causing irreversible damage. This can lead to you needing to replace your entire device and, worst-case scenario, even harm whoever is handling the damaged device. Don’t wait to have your device repaired and risk a more expensive repair bill or the purchase of an entirely new device altogether.

My Broken Phone offers the most reliable, cost-effective battery replacement for your iPod Nano. Where other industry professionals have deemed iPod Nanos as unfixable, My Broken Phone has succeeded in repairing the same devices. Many customers have been amazed to have their devices returned functioning in optimum condition. Our Battery Replacement Specialists have the tools and skills necessary to completely satisfy your repair and replacement needs. Contact My Broken Phone and have your iPod Nano’s battery replaced now.

Click Wheel Assembly Replacement

The click wheel on your iPod Nano is how you navigate through your device and select what music to listen to. Without the click wheel, your iPod Nano is rendered useless. Though replacement parts can be purchased, along with toolkits, a DIY repair project might seem overwhelming, especially if you haven’t looked inside an iPod Nano before. If this is the case, take it to a repair shop to have the click wheel assembly replaced without complications.

My Broken Phone has many years of experience in repairing and replacing iPod components, including iPod Nano click wheels. Our repair technicians offer affordable solutions for your damaged devices and are ready to serve you. My Broken Phone’s goal is to provide each customer with individualized, genuine service for complete satisfaction. There’s no need to wait to have your iPod Nano replaced, contact My Broken Phone and get your device returned like new.

LCD Replacement

illustration [Converted].epsThe LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) in your iPod Nano is responsible for delivering beautiful, smooth, crisp graphics and icons to provide a great experience for selecting your music. When the LCD is damaged your iPod Nano could suffer from distorted or discolored images and even a display that doesn’t work at all. When this occurs, your iPod Nano is likely unusable and is in need of repair. Take your iPod Nano to get fixed to avoid risking further damage and frustration altogether.

The LCD Replacement technicians at My Broken Phone have successfully replaced and repaired countless iPod Nano components. Since 1991, My Broken Phone has been working with and adapting to the changes and progressions within the mobile device industry. With the most reliable replacement components in store and the best repair toolkits available, we can return your iPod Nano to you just as the day it was purchased. Contact My Broken Phone to have your LCD replaced and listen to music on the go again.