iPod Touch Repair


illustration [Converted].epsDon’t get your iPod Touch repaired without first knowing what is causing the problem. Without being able to isolate the reason for your device’s malfunctions, you could end up ultimately paying a more expensive repair bill. Not only that, many companies charge for a simple diagnostic service just to tell you where, in your iPod Touch, the issues lie. Instead of going through the extra trouble, take it to a mobile device repair company that is reliable and trustworthy.

My Broken Phone performs Diagnostic Tests to easily determine what is wrong with your device. Through careful attention to detail, our Diagnostic Specialists analyze, diagnose and isolate the issues without costing you a penny. We provide the most cost-effective solutions for your entire repair needs using the best tools in the business. Our experience has kept us leading the mobile device repair industry and can help you save money and get your device back in optimal working condition.

Glass/Digitizer & LCD Replacement

illustration [Converted].epsA broken glass screen and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) can lead to expensive iPod Touch repairs. The glass and LCD can be troublesome enough to have broken on you. However, if not repaired immediately, your device could suffer even more damage. Things such as dirt, dust and liquid could enter into your phone through the broken glass and spread through other parts of your phone. This could short out circuits in your phone and even corrode wires, rendering your iPod Touch completely useless. We all know that we just do not know what to do with out our favorite music. That is why My Broken Phone is here to save the day.

Instead of taking the risk in further damaging your device, let My Broken Phone repair it. Our Repair Technicians have experience in replacing components and repairing countless iPod Touch glass screens and LCDs. Offering the most reliable and cost effective repairs, My Broken Phone returns your device like new; looking and functioning as well as the day it was purchased. Our goal is to provide the best repairs for your device through individualized, genuine customer service. Contact My Broken Phone for more information on how you can get your iPod Touch repaired.

Water Damage Repair

If you spill water on your iPod Touch or drop it into water, it is at risk for both immediate and future damages. Short-term damage can result in circuits shorting out and causing certain functions in your iPod Touch to not work as intended. Future damages, on the other hand, can result in wires within your device corroding from prolonged exposure to liquid. For these reasons, it is not a good idea to wait to have your iPod Touch repaired.

Bring your iPod Touch to My Broken Phone for repairs. Our Water Damage Repair Specialists have successfully repaired water damaged devices countless times. With both the best toolkits and most reliable replacement components, our team’s repairs will return your device back to optimum working condition. We provide the most affordable repair solutions and return your device back to you looking and functioning as good as the day your purchased it.

Home Button Repair

An iPod Touch’s home button is used to provide additional functionality to the iPod Touch; namely, the ability to navigate to the home screen. When this button becomes damaged, these convenient functionalities are lost until the device is repaired. Additionally, though the right toolkits and proper replacement components can be purchased, repairs may not be a DIY process that you want to take on, especially if you’ve never attempted self repairs on an iPod Touch before. If that were the case, the best decision would be to being it to us at My Broken Phone for help.

The Repair Specialists in each of our locations provide individualized repair solutions no matter what the malfunction or device. With experience repairing countless home buttons on different iPod Touchs, our customers leave our stores with like new products, completely satisfied. The toolkits that our technicians use are top-shelf and the components we use to replace damaged parts with are nothing but reliable in getting the job done. Don’t continue attempting to use an iPod Touch that doesn’t work properly, contact My Broken Phone and have your device repaired.

Battery Replacement

It’s obvious that batteries are what power mobile devices, but what happens when charging them doesn’t power them to turn your iPod Touch on? You could purchase an aftermarket battery at a relatively inexpensive price. However, there are many batteries that don’t supply your phone with the same wattage of power, or too much power. This could cause your phone not to function as intended and even suffer from a ruptured battery.

Let My Broken Phone handle the replacement of your battery and ensure that any ruptures or battery leakages are properly contained and disposed of. Our Replacement Technicians have the proper tools in order to successfully fix your iPod Touch and return your device back to perfect working condition. My Broken Phone can analyze, diagnose, isolate and repair any issues with your mobile device. You can take comfort in knowing that our goal is to not only repair your device, but also to provide individualized customer service to best suit your needs. Contact My Broken Phone and have your iPod Touch Battery Replaced now.

Headphone Jack Replacement

Using headphones with your iPod Touch give you complete privacy to enjoy your music or videos. Not only that, but it also allows you to extend courteousness to others so that they are not bothered by what you choose to listen to. However, the headphone jack on your iPod touch can be damaged by liquid, being dropped or having something dropped on it, dirt, dust and other materials. This will cause your headphone jack not to work and your headphones to be useless in privately listening to music or videos.

My Broken Phone specializes in the repair of all kinds of mobile devices with all kinds of problems, including your iPod Touch. Our experience and toolkits allow us to analyze, isolate and repair or replace the malfunctioning part of your mobile device and return it back to function as intended. We offer genuine, individualized service to each customer who walks through our doors. My Broken Phone offers the most cost-effective solutions for repairing your iPod Touch. Bring your mobile device to any My Broken Phone location for your headphone jack replacement.

Camera Replacement

Mobile devices provide quick, great quality photos at the tap of the screen. With each new model of devices that are released, the cameras seem to get better and better. However, what happens when your lens gets scratched or a wire inside of your iPod Touch becomes corroded, leaving your camera useless? Without a functioning camera and/or a damaged lens, pictures cannot be taken and shared. What’s more, depending on the extent of damage, the rest of your iPod Touch could be at risk for damage as well.

My Broken Phone has Camera Replacement Specialists with nothing but the best tools to repair the camera of your iPod Touch back to perfect working condition. We have replaced countless cameras on various mobile devices and have surprised our customers upon returning them looking and performing as good as the day they bought it. Our goal is to replace faulty components any iPod Touch or mobile device as well as provide the most affordable repair solutions to each customer that walks through our doors. Bring your iPod Touch to any My Broken Phone location for your camera replacement and start taking pictures again!