iPod Video/Classic

Battery Replacement

illustration [Converted].epsA damaged battery doesn’t have to mean that you need to purchase a brand new iPod Classic. However, it does mean that, depending on the type of damage that caused the battery to malfunction, that it should be repaired right away. Things like overcharging and undercharging your battery, as well as exposure to liquids, can cause your battery to short out or even rupture. If this occurs, there could be battery leakage throughout the inside of your iPod Classic, damaging and corroding components.

Don’t let your iPod Classic suffer from additional damage and end up paying a more expensive repair bill. Bring your iPod Classic to My Broken Phone where there is no replacement or repair that we cannot handle. Our battery replacement specialists pay close attention to detail using the most reliable replacement components for your iPod Touch. We ensure that your device is repaired back to its fully functional state and provide the best iPod Classic replacement and repair solutions available. Visit any My Broken Phone location and have your iPod Classic’s battery replaced.

Click Wheel Assembly Replacement

illustration [Converted].epsIf you’ve dropped your iPod Classic or dropped something on it and damaged your click wheel, it can be very frustrating to try navigating through your device with it. Without a properly functioning click wheel your iPod Classic wont be any good to you when using it to listen to music or watch videos. Though you can purchase extra components and even specialized toolkits for DIY (Do It Yourself) repairs, you may find it difficult and even overwhelming if you’ve never repaired an iPod Classic or other mobile device before. Your best bet is to bring it to the iPod Classic Repair Specialists at My Broken Phone.

Since 1991 My Broken Phone has successfully adapted changes in mobile device technology and has become a leader in the industry. Using top-of-the-line toolkits, and always carrying the latest replacement components, our technicians can diagnose, isolate, and repair any malfunctions your iPod Classic experiences. Our goal is to provide individualized service that offers the best repair solutions for your device. Many of our customers are amazed to see their iPod Classic, or other mobile device, returned to them in optimal working condition. Don’t replace your iPod Classic unless you come see My Broken Phone first.


Find out what’s wrong with your iPod Classic before deciding whether to repair it or replace it entirely. Many times, a malfunction with your device may not seem bad enough to get it repaired right away. However, depending on the type and extent of damage may cause more problems to arise if not taken care of as soon as possible. The problem with needing a diagnosis on what’s actually causing the problem is that many companies charge for their diagnostic tests. So what’s the best option that’ll help save you money on overall repair costs?

My Broken Phone has Diagnostic Specialists with reliable toolkits and individualized tests to accurately and effectively run diagnostics on your iPod Classic, and it wont cost you a penny. Our goal is to provide genuine, quality services that completely satisfy each customer that comes into our stores needing repairs. Additionally, because of our experiences in dealing with diagnostics and repairs on countless devices, we’ve become leaders in the mobile device repair industry. There’s no reason that you should pay for verification that your device has an issue and, not only will we save you money, we keep you informed on the status of your device so you can make the best educated decision for your repairs. Contact My Broken Phone for more information or come visit us to have individualized diagnostic tests set up for you.

Glass & LCD Replacement

The glass covering your iPod Classic’s LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) protects it from becoming damaged. The LCD within your iPod Classic is responsible for delivering crisp, clear images and vibrant graphics while selecting music to listen to or videos to watch. When the glass becomes damaged, things such as dirt, dust, liquid and other things can enter into your device, damaging the LCD itself and even other components within your iPod. When your LCD is damaged, your iPod Classic can suffer from displaying distorted or discolored images and even not displaying anything at all. Without the proper toolkits and replacement parts, a DIY (Do It Yourself) repair may be more than overwhelming, it can be potentially unsafe.

My Broken Phone has iPod Classic Replacement Specialists that have handled the replacement and repair of countless iPod Classic glass and LCDs. Every customer that enters our stores receives genuine, individualized service and the most affordable repair solutions. Using the newest, safest components and toolkits our technicians repair and replace devices that were even said to be un-repairable by other industry professionals. Let My Broken phone handle your iPod Classic glass & LCD replacement.

Glass/Front Housing Replacement

A layer of glass protects the front housing of your iPod Classic. If the glass is cracked or broken, foreign materials such as dust, dirt and liquid can ruin the front housing or inside of your device. Wires could become corroded, circuits could short out and many other functions within your iPod Classic could become useless. This will ultimately leave your iPod Classic to be used as a paperweight and your repair bill will be more expensive. If your iPod Classic has suffered damage to the glass or front housing, don’t wait to have it taken care of.

That’s where you can rely on My Broken Phone for the most reliable, cost-effective repair and replacement solutions. Our Repair and Replacement Specialists have experience in handling countless iPod Classics, successfully repairing and returning them looking and functioning as good as new. Using the best toolkits and replacement parts, we analyze, isolate and repair each issue so that you can use your device as intended. Don’t put yourself at risk of injury or your iPod Classic at risk for becoming more damaged. My Broken Phone is happy to provide the right solution for you.

Headphone Jack Replacement

iPod Classics are meant to be used with headphones. On a small, portable device, headphones are a necessity for privacy, especially because the iPod doesn’t have built in speakers. But when the headphone jack on an iPod Classic stops working, all of the music and videos on the device can no longer be heard, rendering the device useless. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you could purchase the proper replacement components and toolkits at a relatively inexpensive price. However, this DIY (Do It Yourself) task can appear overwhelming if you’ve never opened a mobile device or attempted your own repairs on an iPod.

Instead of spending money on the parts to replace the headphone jack yourself and risk becoming more frustrated, bring your iPod Classic to My Broken Phone for the proper Repairs. Our experienced technicians have repaired countless iPod Classics, among other mobile devices, and no repair or replacement job is too big for them. We offer affordable repair solutions for you and return your device looking and functioning like new. Every customer receives individualized service, ensuring that your iPod Classic’s problems are dealt with efficiently and accurately according to your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact My Broken Phone as soon as possible for your iPod Classic headphone jack replacement.

LCD Replacement

The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) in your iPod Classic is what allows you to see crisp, colorful graphics when selecting music or watching videos. Damaged LCDs cause graphics and images to become distorted and discolored, even leaving your display not displaying anything at all. Waiting to have your LCD replaced can cause more frustration and, depending on the type of damage, even more malfunctions. Liquid or moisture can corrode wires and short out circuits, dust and dirt can cause circuits to stop working as well.

When your iPod Classic needs an LCD replacement, there’s no one better to handle the repairs than My Broken Phone. Adapting to changes in mobile technology since 1991 has made us successful leaders in the mobile repair industry. With our experience, we have repaired countless iPod Classic devices using the most reliable components and tools for each job. We offer affordable repair solutions and customized individual service to each customer that comes to My Broken Phone for repairs. Contact My Broken Phone and get your iPod Classic’s LCD repaired so you can listen to music on the go again.