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LG G Flex Common Issues


The LG G Flex was revealed as the first and only phone to actually bend. While LG held true to their word — the phone really does bend — the angle you’re able to bend the device is less than impressive. Some even took the advertised feature as a challenge and forced the phone to bend beyond its limit. If your G Flex succumbed to the results of this challenge, you will likely need a new screen. Luckily, your friends at My Broken Phone can have your G Flex working again in no time.


Bumps on screen

Another downside to the bending feature, one even LG didn’t anticipate, is the generation of bubbles on the screen from bending the device. These bubbles can usually be flattened without any lasting damage to your device. If the bubble do not go away when pushed down, you may need to have your screen replaced.


Image Ghosting

Due to the type of display used on the LG G Flex, an issue with image ghosting on the screen has come to light. This is caused by P-OLED screen used in the manufacture of the device. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this issue. The only thing you can do to help is to increase the brightness of your display which will negatively affect battery life. Even if you have the screen replaced, the problem will be there.