LG G2/G3 Repair

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LG G2/G3 Common Issues

Double Tap

When LG released their newest flagship phone, the LG G2, they understood the negativity they would likely receive when they designed the phone to house the external buttons on the back rather than using the traditional side keys. Luckily, LG was prepared and created the double tap feature; where you can rapidly tap the screen twice to switch the display on an off. Occasionally this feature will cease to work properly. If you have difficulty using the double tap and have verified that it is turned on in the settings, you may need to have the screen replaced to restore full functionality. Bring your device by your local My Broken Phone to allow a technician to determine a proper solution.


No Touch

Unlike iPhones and most Samsung devices, LG does not integrate the digitizer into the LCD. On almost all LG devices, the top glass of your phone is actually an electric circuit that is used to register your finger on the screen. That means this if the screen is cracked or damaged, the circuit will become incomplete and will no longer register your touch properly or at all. If your LG device has lost touch functionality, bring your device into our technicians at My Broken Phone and have your screen replaced at a low price.


Screen Blacks Out In Calls

If you are having issues with your display going black and becoming inoperable during phone calls you likely have a defective proximity sensor. The proximity sensor is used to turn off the display when the screen is close to your face so that you don’t accidently dial with your chin or cheek. Unfortunately, if the proximity sensor is malfunctioning, it will consistently detect something in range of the device and shut off the display. If you’re suffering from this irritating issue, bring your device into us at My Broken Phone so that our skilled technicians can get you up and running again.