Motorola Droid Turbo Repair

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Motorola Droid Turbo Common Issues

Battery Level Fluctuates

There is a known issue with the Droid Turbo’s battery where the charge percentage will act erratically and fluctuate unexpectedly. To fix this, first try a simple solution by turning the phone off and charging it overnight. This will help reset the battery’s calibration and should restore normal function. If overnight charging isn’t the solution, you should attempt to factory reset the device after backing up your data. This will help eliminate any apps that may be at fault. If even a factory reset does not remedy the issue, you should bring your Droid Turbo to My Broken Phone to have the battery tested and replaced if required.


Low Call Volume

Many users of the Galaxy Droid Turbo have experienced issues with low call volume; either they can’t hear the person talking or the other party can’t hear them. If you’re experiencing this issue, you should make sure nothing is blocking the ear speaker or microphone hole and remove your device from any case it may be in. If you still have a problem with call volume with the device outside of the case, you should bring the device into your local My Broken Phone so that a trained technician can clean any openings or replace the ear speaker or microphone if necessary.


Excessive Data Usage

Another common problem you may notice while using your Droid Turbo is an excessive usage of your available cell data. This can cause many headaches and unexpectedly large bills at the end of the month. There isn’t a specific fix for this issue, unfortunately. To assist you in figuring out why your data usage is irregularly high you can go into your settings app and view which apps are using the most data. Be sure to close apps like Google Maps after you are done using them so that they don’t continue to download information in the background. If you can’t seem to figure out which app is causing the issue, you may need to backup your data and perform a factory reset. Then you should individually reinstall each of your apps and monitor your data usage.