Motorola Moto G Repair

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Motorola Moto G Common Issues

Broken Screen

Whether you have first or second generation Moto G, our skilled expert technicians can repair your device and have you as good as new in under one hour at an unbeatable price. Even if your touch screen doesn’t work or the display is completely blank!


LED Notification light does not work

A malfunctioning or non operational notification LED in the Moto G is not an uncommon problem. Luckily there is a convenient at-home fix! To solve this issue, go to the Google Play Store on your Moto G and download the Notification Light Widget. Move the widget to your screen and turn it on. This will recalibrate the LED light and solve the problem. You can now keep or remove the widget you installed. If this does not fix the LED light, the problem may be hardware related. At this point it may be a good idea to bring your phone in for us to take a look at.


Rattling Noise

Due to the construction of the Moto G, there is a well known rattling issue with the internal components of the device. It is recommended that you bring your device to a My Broken Phone repair technician so that they may open the device and reseat the loose components causing the annoying noise inside.