Phone Warranties

mbp-warrantyHow many times have you seen a cracked display, a water damaged SIM card, or a phone that freezes up and becomes unresponsive? It’s even worse when your smartphone is the device that has been damaged!

Many smartphones and other mobile devices come with a standard or limited warranty for up to 1 year. Extended warranties will cost extra but will extend the range of damages not found in the limited warranty and/or the length of time your phone is protected. As with any purchase, it is crucial to know what the warranty on a device is and what other options are available through extended or other warranties.

Someone may be in the store purchasing a device and get offered an extended warranty for an additional cost. Without knowing what the extended warranty actually covers, people tend to only pay attention to how much EXTRA the warranty will cost and turn down the offer. However, an extended warranty may or may not be necessary depending on the needs of the customer and their device. Coincidentally, some may not pay attention to what even a limited warranty covers. So how do you know what a limited warranty covers and whether or not an extended warranty is worth the additional cost?

Limited Warranty

A limited or standard warranty is a statement that specifies what the conditions, extent and length of time are in which the manufacturer of the device will guarantee said product to function properly. If a product has a defect or a malfunction, these standard warranties are generally limited to either repair or replace the item without compensation.

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty can vary depending on the manufacturer or reseller of the product. Though an extended warranty is an additional cost, it may cover drops, spills, or other malfunctions and may also include free two-way shipping. The best way to decide whether or not to purchase an extended warranty would be to ask for details about the warranty and read over what the warranty encompasses.