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Samsung Galaxy S3 Common Issues

The Samsung Galaxy Mega lives up to it’s name by being just that; mega. With a 6.3” screen, it is easily one of the largest phones on the market and with a low price tag it is also one of the most common Samsung devices we see. The Mega is built differently than most other Samsungs and may behave erratically when damaged.


Loss of touch

Unlike the Galaxy S and Note line, the Galaxy Mega is not built with an AMOLED screen. This means that the top layer of glass is actually also an electrical circuit that is used to detect when and where you touch on the screen. If your screen is cracked, you have likely had issues with the device recognizing your touch appropriately. This is no big deal and will be fixed once the screen is replaced.


Bottom Buttons Not Working

The two capacitive touch buttons located on either side of the home button on the Mega will sometimes stop working for no reason at all. If you bought the device new and have had it for under one year and it’s not damaged, we recommend you talk to your carrier or where you purchased it from for a warranty replacement. If you are out of warranty, you will unfortunately need to have the entire screen replaced to get these buttons working again due to the design of the Mega. My Broken Phone stocks the Galaxy Mega screen and can have it replaced in under one hour.


Poor Cell Signal

The Galaxy Mega is built in a way that the antenna for cell phone signal is connected to the charge port which in turn connects to the body of the phone to get a proper signal. In most cases, if you are experiencing issues with signal on your Mega you will need to have the charge port replaced. If you have no signal at all, you may need to have your SIM card replaced or proper settings entered into your phone; especially if it’s an unlocked version. It is a good idea to first bring your Mega into your nearest My Broken Phone repair center so that a technician may diagnose your loss of signal free of charge.

Common Samsung Problems

Broken Screen

Many of Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series devices use what’s known as an AMOLED screen. In this type of display, the LCD and digitizer are fused together, allowing a thin and high quality touch screen. If you’ve ever broken the glass on a Galaxy device, you may have noticed that you were still able to use the phone as usual. This is because the top layer of glass is not a hardware component of the phone; it’s simply a sheet of glass glued to the LCD display.

If your shattered Samsung AMOLED screen functions properly, you will find two choices when searching repair options.

Glass Only Replacement

At My Broken Phone, our skilled technicians can carefully remove and replace only the top layer of glass without damaging the expensive and fragile LCD screen beneath. This allows us to repair your Galaxy device at an exceptionally low price.

Full Assembly Replacement

Rather than separating the glass from the screen underneath, we can also replace the entire “assembly” – the LCD, digitizer, and top glass unit. This process results in a factory quality repair which will avoid common issues with the glass only option. If your Galaxy S screen doesn’t operate correctly after incurring damage, you may need to have the full assembly replaced even if the top glass isn’t broken.