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Samsung Galaxy S5 Common Issues

The Galaxy S5 is the 5th generation flagship phone made by Samsung. It also happens to be the last Galaxy phone with a removable battery and a memory card slot. Listed below are some common problems and their solutions you may face while owning this phone.

Charging Issues

With the introduction of a USB 3 charge port on the S5, many users have run into an issue with charging their device. If you have trouble getting your phone to receive a charge or if it takes a long time to reach 100% battery, you may need to have your charging port replaced. It is very important that you take your device to a trusted and skilled repair center to have your Galaxy S5 repaired as the technician will need to carefully lift the fragile display in order to access the required connections. At My Broken Phone, our technicians are highly skilled in complete disassembly of the Samsung Galaxy S5. However, this is an incredibly difficult repair and there is always a chance that the fragile screen could be damaged during the removal of the glass. This can be unavoidable by even the most skilled technicians and if this damage occurs My Broken Phone is not liable for the added repair costs. This will be thoroughly explained before this repair takes place so dont worry about any surprises.

Water Damage

A major feature of the Galaxy S5 is the water resistant design. Unfortunately, water resistance is not guaranteed by Samsung nor is it covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. If your charge port cover or back housing are not sealed perfectly, the phone will become damaged if submerged. If the unthinkable happens and your S5 has become immersed in liquid, pull the battery, do not connect the charger, and bring the device into My Broken Phone immediately. Please note: the “rice trick” which involves storing the phone in a sealed container full of rice does not work. Water itself is a poor conductor and will typically not damage unpowered electronic components. However, unless you’re in a laboratory working with pure H2O, the liquid that has made it’s way inside your device is not pure water; it is the impurities found in the water that are corrosive to your phone and will damage it over time. While the rice may help absorb some of the water (which it doesn’t do very well anyway), it will not remove the corrosive minerals and acids from the motherboard. In almost every case, water damage needs to be treated by a complete disassembly and cleaning of your phone’s internal parts.

Charge Port Cover

If you have had the Galaxy S5 for more than a few weeks there’s a high chance that the seal that covers your charge port to assist in the device’s water resistance has fallen off. This problem is so common that we have probably seen more S5 devices without the charge port cover than with it. Luckily, this is a quick and inexpensive repair. At My Broken Phone, we will have you in and out in under 5 minutes with a brand new cover.

Common Samsung Problems

Broken Screen

Many of Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series devices use what’s known as an AMOLED screen. In this type of display, the LCD and digitizer are fused together, allowing a thin and high quality touch screen. If you’ve ever broken the glass on a Galaxy device, you may have noticed that you were still able to use the phone as usual. This is because the top layer of glass is not a hardware component of the phone; it’s simply a sheet of glass glued to the LCD display.

If your shattered Samsung AMOLED screen functions properly, you will find two choices when searching repair options.

Glass Only Replacement

At My Broken Phone, our skilled technicians can carefully remove and replace only the top layer of glass without damaging the expensive and fragile LCD screen beneath. This allows us to repair your Galaxy device at an exceptionally low price.

Full Assembly Replacement

Rather than separating the glass from the screen underneath, we can also replace the entire “assembly” – the LCD, digitizer, and top glass unit. This process results in a factory quality repair which will avoid common issues with the glass only option. If your Galaxy S screen doesn’t operate correctly after incurring damage, you may need to have the full assembly replaced even if the top glass isn’t broken.