Samsung Galaxy S6 Repair

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Common Issues

In April 2015, Samsung released their newest flagship Galaxy phones in two variants known as the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Later in the year, Samsung released another version, this one a phablet (phone-tablet), dubbed the S6 Edge Plus. These devices were Samsung’s response to Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 plus released 6 months prior and came without removable batteries or expandable memory. Below are some of the issues that plague users of the S6 generation devices.


Poor Battery Life

Unfortunately for many of us, Samsung opted to reduce the thickness of their newest phones, and that meant switching from an easily replaced removable battery to one built in, shielded by an adhered glass backing. If your battery drains rapidly, you should try restarting your device and disabling all unnecessary services such as background data and GPS when not in use. If this doesn’t solve your problem, bring the device to one of our repair centers so a technician can determine if you are in need of a replacement battery.


Poor Call Volume

Many users of the Galaxy S6 have experienced issues with low call volume; either they can’t hear the person talking or the other party can’t hear them. If you’re experiencing this issue, you should make sure nothing is blocking the ear speaker or microphone hole and remove your device from any case it may be in. If you still have a problem with call volume with the device outside of the case, you should bring the device into your local My Broken Phone so that a trained technician can clean any openings or replace the ear speaker or microphone if necessary.


Wireless Charging

If you’re running into problems while charging your Galaxy S6 with the cord and you don’t have time to have the port repaired, you can pick up a wireless charging pad and take advantage of this feature built into the S6. It is recommended that you do eventually have the port diagnosed and possibly replaced by a repair technician; otherwise you will not be able to connect the device to your computer if you need to backup documents or manually update the phone.

Common Samsung Problems

Broken Screen

Many of Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series devices use what’s known as an AMOLED screen. In this type of display, the LCD and digitizer are fused together, allowing a thin and high quality touch screen. If you’ve ever broken the glass on a Galaxy device, you may have noticed that you were still able to use the phone as usual. This is because the top layer of glass is not a hardware component of the phone; it’s simply a sheet of glass glued to the LCD display.

If your shattered Samsung AMOLED screen functions properly, you will find two choices when searching repair options.

Glass Only Replacement

At My Broken Phone, our skilled technicians can carefully remove and replace only the top layer of glass without damaging the expensive and fragile LCD screen beneath. This allows us to repair your Galaxy device at an exceptionally low price.

Full Assembly Replacement

Rather than separating the glass from the screen underneath, we can also replace the entire “assembly” – the LCD, digitizer, and top glass unit. This process results in a factory quality repair which will avoid common issues with the glass only option. If your Galaxy S screen doesn’t operate correctly after incurring damage, you may need to have the full assembly replaced even if the top glass isn’t broken.