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With Samsung phones increasing in popularity, it’s no wonder why there’s been more of them showing up in repair shops with issues needing fixed.  Are you one of the many that have a phone in need of repair?  Bring your phone to My Broken Phone in Sarasota and we will be happy to fix it for you!  Our teams of Samsung repair specialists have years of experience fixing Samsung phones and the issues that come with them.

Since 1999, My Broken Phone has repaired mobile devices of all kinds and adapting to technological advancements.  All of our locations will always carry top-of-the-line Samsung repair equipment.  Whether your Samsung phone has suffered from water damage, a drop to a hard surface or any other mishap, My Broken Phone can repair it, ensuring the safe return of your phone.  Diagnostic testing allows our specialists to see the extent of the damage through analysis.  After which, we provide the best possible solution for Samsung repair, looking and performing like a brand new phone.

Our customers are very surprised when we return a repaired phone to them when other professionals of the industry have deemed the device beyond repair.  Your satisfaction is our top priority and we pride ourselves on keeping it that way day-in and day-out.  Through our knowledge and ability to assess your Samsung damages, we are able to provide repair solutions to your phone for a fraction of the cost when other companies would charge much more just to replace your phone.  Our attention to detail and innate ability to stay cutting edge in our repairs and toolkits that are used will leave you and your Samsung phone completely satisfied.

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