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My Broken Phone Sarasota FL LocationVisit us at our new location in Sarasota! We handle it all, from ‘text and talk’ phones to repairs for your iPhone or Galaxy SIII to iPad repair or repairs on any other device and tablet – My Broken Phone is the shop around the corner who is here to help you!

At My Broken Phone we take our passion and knowledge about technology and put it to great use! By providing cell and smart phone services, such as iPhone repair and replacement, My Broken Phone is leading the way in service for wireless devices. My Broken Phone is prime to handle all of your device needs. Customer satisfaction is an important cornerstone of our business. The quality of our work is one way we help to ensure your satisfaction. We believe in using high-quality replacement parts and back our work with 30-day guarantee on parts and labor.

 Repair – Don’t Replace

Cell phones and Tablets are expensive, that’s why we’ll often recommend you repair your device rather than replace.  The idea of running out and purchasing a new device every time yours breaks or becomes damaged is non-to sensible given the costs associated with many of these devices and smart phones. Stop throwing away money and get your cell phones, wireless devices or your iPhone repair at My Broken Phone. Follow our simple method to get your phone repaired and returned back to you, good as new!

Buy or Sell

Whether your looking to sell your old phone or buy a new one, My Broken Phone can help you out. Our huge selection of the latest and greatest cell phones, smart phones and devices on the market ensures that we have what you are looking for! But if you are looking to sell your used or outdated phone we are looking to buy it – CASH ON THE SPOT! We will also buy your “cell phone upgrade!”

Stop in or Contact Us Today – We look forward to working with you and remember – REPAIR – DON’T REPLACE!

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