Blackberry Repair

Hand holding battery of smartphone isolated on white backgroundBattery Replacement

If your phone discharges or charges too much your battery could become overheated and malfunction. When this occurs, your battery can become unstable and could even damage other parts of your phone if not taken care of. Though battery replacement isn’t too difficult of a task, there’s a possibility that your battery could begin to leak. Once the battery leaks at all, making your Blackberry battery replacement a DIY project isn’t a recommended idea.

However, My Broken Phone offers battery replacement at a completely affordable price. Our battery replacement specialists always have the tools and the appropriate environment set up to handle any kind of repairs or replacements with your Blackberry. Our experience and knowledge in working with many types of phones allows us to fix your issues without hassle and return your device to you looking and functioning like new. Contact My Broken Phone and get your Blackberry to one of our battery replacement team members today.


Diagnostic Service

Knowing what the source of your Blackberry’s problem is before paying to have it fixed can mean the difference between a less-costly, frustrating-less repair to an expensive and time consuming process that could leave you with a device that needs completely replaced. When there’s something that isn’t working correctly with your phone, you need answers from a reliable diagnostic specialist who can guarantee that you get your bang for your buck. Before wasting money on any repairs that may, or may not, permanently fix the reason that your phone is malfunctioning, find the right company to inform you of what the problem is.

Our diagnostic specialists offer the best solutions for your Blackberry repairs. Through years of experience and knowledge, My Broken Phone’s diagnostic and repair team have successfully repaired tons of phones, many of which were deemed beyond repair by other industry professionals. We pride ourselves on offering not just affordable, quality mobile device repairs, but also complete customer service satisfaction.


Glass & LCD Repair

Breaking the glass on your phone is bad enough, but it can also lead to worse problems. Since dust, dirt, water and other things have the ability to now get into your Blackberry, you could find that your LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) has been damaged as well. A damaged LCD can cause distorted or discolored images and even a display that doesn’t work at all. If the glass and LCD on your Blackberry isn’t repaired right away, the same materials that damaged your glass and LCD in the first place could potentially spread further throughout your phone and damage the motherboard or other components.

So bring your Blackberry to My Broken Phone and have our Glass & LCD Repair technicians fix everything for you. With many years of experience, our team can easily repair any damages and replace any parts, ensuring that your device looks and functions as the same day you bought it. Repairing your device back to optimum functionality while providing you with the most satisfactory customer service is our top priority. As such, we will always use top-tier repair kits, work in the best environment and provide you with the best solution(s) in repairing the glass and LCD of your Blackberry.

Broken phone screenGlass/Touchscreen & LCD Replacement

My Broken Phone offers the best solutions for your Blackberry’s glass/touchscreen and LCD replacement. Having a broken screen and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) can allow dust, dirt, liquids and other things to get into your phone and cause further damage. This may cause, not only immediate damage, but also more issues to your phone over time, making for a more time-consuming and expensive repair process. Instead of waiting to get your phone fixed or getting overcharged for repairs, let our replacement specialists take care of the issues and ensure your phone is returned to you in proper working order.

Our teams of technicians carry only the best toolkits and replacement parts for your Blackberry in an environment specifically suited for the repair and replacement of your phone and components. Customers are amazed when we return their repaired phone back to them looking and functioning like new when other industry professionals stated that the phone couldn’t be fixed at all. We pride ourselves in our experience to provide individualized customer service and affordable, efficient repair and replacement solutions for your Blackberry. Contact My Broken Phone to get your glass/touchscreen and LCD replacement taken care of today.


Trackpad Replacement

Are you having trouble navigating through your phone since your trackpad broke? This problem can become very frustrating, leaving it difficult to do many of the basic essential Blackberry functions built into your phone. Instead of using your phone as a paperweight or wasting your money on expensive repairs, bring it over to My Broken Phone. Our trackpad replacement specialists have repaired countless Blackberry phones that have had broken trackpads.

My Broken Phone has been adapting to mobile technology advancements since 1991, allowing us to remain leaders in the mobile repair industry. All of our locations carry top of the line repair kits and provide personalized, genuine customer service to each client who walks through our door. Our customers are always amazed at the condition of their phone after its repairs/replacements are complete when other industry professionals deemed the phone as non-repairable. Don’t wait to get your trackpad replaced and hold on to a non-functioning phone or get overcharged for your repairs/replacements. Contact My Broken Phone to get your Blackberry taken care of now!


LCD Only Replacement

The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) used in your Blackberry is responsible for displaying smooth and colorful graphics on your phone. If the LCD is damaged, it could lead to discolored graphics or even no display at all. However, your Blackberry can also be affected in worse ways than this. Chances are, if something was able to get passed your glass screen, it can also get passed the LCD and cause even more harmful malfunctions to your phone. Things like liquid, dust, dirt and even very small pieces of glass (from your screen or LCD being damaged) can spread through your phone and damage other components.

If this happens, you shouldn’t wait to have your Blackberry’s LCD replaced and our LCD replacement specialists are the perfect technicians for the job. Carrying top of the line tools, our team can easily diagnose, isolate, and fix the damages, returning your Blackberry to you looking and functioning as good as the day you bought it. Our number 1 priority is to repair your Blackberry while providing the best customer service that we possibly can. Avoid the frustrations of a DIY repair and don’t overpay for your LCD replacement. Instead, visit My Broken Phone to have your Blackberry’s LCD replaced.