HTC Repair

iStock_000051295450_SmallDiagnostic Service

Identifying the cause of your HTC phone’s malfunction isn’t the only task in repairing it. However, it is extremely important; without knowing what the problem is or where the source of the problem resides you wont know the extent of the damage that needs repaired. Our diagnostic tests allow us to do those things and more. Through running diagnostic tests we are able to analyze, identify and isolate the source of the damage or malfunction so that we may provide the best possible solution for repairing your HTC smartphone.

Visit the nearest My Broken Phone location and let us diagnose your HTC smartphone. Whether you ultimately decide to handle the repairs yourself or not, get the information you need and know what repairs need done. As your satisfaction and customer service is our top priority, we provide the most accurate information about your HTC phone and the best repair solution to keep your device working like new after its repair.


Glass & LCD Replacement

A cracked screen and/or your HTC being unresponsive to touch are a common occurrence. Cracks in your phone’s screen allows your LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to be susceptible to damage from water, dirt, dust and other things. This could not only cause your touchscreen to not work or your phone to display distorted images but it could also allow those same harmful things to spread deeper into your phone and cause wires to corrode, buttons to not work and more over a period of time. If your phone has suffered these damages, it may seem like the time to get your phone replaced. However, why not pay less to get it replaced instead?

My Broken Phone has been repairing screens and LCDs on countless HTC phones and many other devices since 1999. With our glass and LCD replacement team of specialists, your phone will be returned to you looking and functioning like new. Depending on the degree of damage and where other industry professionals would deem the phone as not repairable, our services cost a fraction of the price. Visit the nearest My Broken Phone store for affordable, frustration-less HTC glass and LCD replacement!

Broken phone screenLCD Replacement

The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is what helps your phone display vibrant, colorful, crisp images. A thin sheet of materials underneath your HTC’s screen makes up your LCD display. If any damage is done to the LCD it could result in displaying distorted images, discolored images, or not display anything at all! If your LCD seems to be malfunctioning in some way, it is recommended that you get it repaired right away. By not doing so, depending on what caused the damage; the rest of your phone’s inner workings could be subject to damage as well, causing problems to your HTC phone in the future.

Our LCD replacement specialists have repaired countless amounts of HTC LCDs regardless of what type of damage caused the problem. Our team’s experience and knowledge allow us to professionally maintain an appropriate work environment for your phone’s repairs and carry top-of-the-line replacement equipment to ensure your phone is handled with the greatest care. Our methods allow us to provide you with the best repair and replacement solutions so that your phone is returned looking and performing just as the day you purchased your HTC smartphone.