iPhone Repair

Diagnostic Service

Knowing why your iPhone is acting strange or malfunctioning is important. When your iPhone suffers damage, and/or suddenly fails to function as intended, it can lead to permanent iPhone damage or a larger variety of issues in the future. When things like this occur, depending on the severity, it could be nearly impossible for the phone to get covered by the warranty and even impossible to file a claim with your mobile insurance. You can’t avoid every accident that your iPhone may encounter, but you can be sure to get the issue resolved and we can help!

Our diagnostic team can examine, analyze and diagnose the reason your iPhone is malfunctioning or not working as intended through various performance tests. These tests help us to determine whether or not your iPhone is running at it’s full potential. If your iPhone isn’t running at it’s full potential, not only can we find it, we can repair it!

Glass & LCD Repair

The deeper the crack in the screen of your iPhone is, the worse the damage to your LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). This can cause distorted images, your phone becoming unresponsive to touch and even not displaying images at all. What’s worse is that a cracked screen, being made of glass, can potentially harm you while you’re using it. When your iPhone’s screen becomes damage, even if your iPhone still functions well now, this increases the chance of your phone suffering from a multitude of problems later.

Don’t wait to get your phone fixed…we can help! We have been repairing everything from iPhone screens to headphone jacks for years and can repair your iPhone screen and LCD. Our repair specialists not only make your iPhone function and look brand new, but also prevent your iPhone from succumbing to potential malfunctions and other problems in the future when you least expect it.

Charge Port Repair

Your iPhone’s charge port is responsible for transferring and storing energy into your phone’s

Charging a mobile phone with a powerbank

lithium-ion battery. Without a working charge port, your battery couldn’t hold a charge to power your iPhone. There are many ways your iPhone’s charge port could malfunction or stop working entirely such as dropping your phone or getting it wet. Even something as small as dust particles from not cleaning your phone’s charge port could lead to a malfunction. So what action(s) should be taken if your iPhone’s charge port stops working?

There are specialized toolkits available at a relatively inexpensive price that could be used to aid in cleaning or even replacing the charge port on your phone. However, we recommend letting our repair specialists take a look. Through analysis and testing in the proper environment, we can determine the best action to take for your iPhone’s charge port repair. We would be more than happy to repair it for you as well and make your iPhone charge port work as if it were brand new!

Camera Repair

The cameras in iPhones capture beautiful pictures that can be uploaded to a multitude of social networking apps to be shared and/or can be kept in your iPhone’s library for you to admire. Without a camera, though, your iPhone renders useless and unable to share or reflect on these experiences. Though the lenses of an iPhone camera aren’t incredibly difficult or expensive to repair, they can be depending on the damage. However, it may not be just the lens, it may be the actual camera or any components connected to it, which can be rather difficult to fix.

Let our team of repair specialists analyze and run diagnostic tests on your iPhone to get to the source of what’s causing the problem with your camera. We can even fix it for you as well! Your camera will function just like the day your iPhone was purchased, ensuring many more pictures to share with the world and admire for yourself.

iStock_000011486459_MediumWater Damage Repair Diagnostic

Water damage causes your iPhone to suffer a multitude of malfunctions including unresponsiveness, not able to charge, phone shutting off at random times and more. There are many very small nooks and crannies in your phone where water can hide and even if you were able to remove the water from your phone yourself there are places you could have missed, causing future damage to your iPhone. Many DIY methods of water damage repair for iPhones have surfaced and most of them actually work. However, the worst thing that could happen to your iPhone, when it suffers from water damage, is to invest a lot of time into repairing your phone and it’s damage only to find out that you missed water somewhere that is now causing your phone to malfunction.

Water damage repair diagnostics is a highly meticulous service that we specialize in. We are able to open up your iPhone, analyze and determine what the best solution for repairing water damage would be. After that, we use very specific repairing methods to make sure that all of the water, or other liquid, has been removed from your phone in order to prevent future damages that could render your iPhone useless.


Head Phone Jack Repair

Adding or changing removable accessories or parts to a mobile device can increase the chances of failure. Though the headphone port on a cell phone are not motorized, stress from too much pressure can be placed on contact points and other parts that make up the headphone port while the user is working out or doing other heavy activity. Note that headphone ports are self-contained and are attached directly into the cell phone’s motherboard (sometimes are alternatively attached to the speaker assembly). When a phone is opened, repairing a headphone port is not a very difficult or expensive process. However, the difficulty lies in actually getting to the actual headphone port itself. Any cellphones that have a uni-body design are difficult to enter regardless of what issue you are trying to fix.

That being said let our experienced team of iPhone specialists handle the repairs. We have dealt with countless iPhones involving headphone jacks repairs, broken button repairs, charge port repairs and all others. Our diagnostic tests determine where the malfunction is and what can be done to repair or replace it to its optimal working condition.

Home Button Repair

Waking up the display, exiting an application, returning to the home screen and acting as a task manager are many things that the home button of your iPhone does. Without it, these tasks would be difficult to accomplish and the functionality of your iPhone would seem impossible. Many home buttons are repaired after the iPhone suffers from water damage, being dropped, or too much pressure is applied to it. If your iPhone’s home button is broken, it needs repaired right away. There are many toolkits that can be purchased for a DIY repair, however, damages causing a home button to not work can be very difficult to repair and more expensive in the end.

In the proper environment with the proper equipment, our iPhone repair specialists will be able to analyze the extent of the damage done to the home button and isolate the problem causing it. In dealing with countless iPhones that have suffered from a plethora of damages, our specialists can find the best possible solution for your iPhone home button problems. Should the home button need replaced, our team will be able to replace and repair your iPhone’s home button so that it functions perfectly like the day you purchased it.


Loud Speaker Repair

If you play games, use apps that require sound, or prefer using the loudspeaker in phone conversation, a broken loudspeaker can be frustrating. Broken loudspeakers can be replaced regardless of whether you make it your own DIY project, or if you take it to a company to have it repaired. However, without knowing the extent of the damage (based on the type of damage), your iPhone could suffer a permanent malfunction and even lead to more problems in the future. In order to avoid a more frustrating and/or expensive situation, let us examine and repair your iPhone’s loudspeaker.

As iPhone repair specialists, our diagnostic tests allow us to see where the damage is, what the extent of the damage is and how it can be fixed. We have the best tools for the job and have handled a countless number of iPhone repairs from blown loudspeakers to cracked displays and more. We can repair or replace the loudspeaker from your iPhone; leaving it working as new as the day you purchased it.

Only Glass Replacement

A cracked or broken iPhone screen, though devastating, is a common occurrence. Even with advancements in mobile technology, dropping your iPhone, dropping something on your iPhone, or even just the right amount of pressure can cause your screen to break. The severity of the damage and how the rest of your phone has been affected determines how difficult and expensive the repairs will be. Companies can quote a high repair price but a DIY project can be very difficult if you don’t have the proper tools and aren’t comfortable opening up your phone to replace the screen.

Our repair specialists have the right tools for the job and our services will keep you from burning a hole in your wallet. Why try to continue using your iPhone and work around a broken or cracked screen? As one of our top repairs, we will make your iPhone look brand new and your new screen will work perfectly.!


Back Housing and Frame Replacement

The iPhone’s back housing and frame keep everything inside of the phone to remain in place and in tact. If the housing or frame of your iPhone is damaged, it leaves your iPhone susceptible to further damage regardless of whether the damage is from water, pressure, or a hard surface. Repairing the back housing and frame can be expensive, depending on the damage, but how much more expensive will the repair costs be if no repairs are made right away and if the phone suffers worse damage than just it’s outer shell?!

Hand holding battery of smartphone isolated on white backgroundEar Speaker Repair

Not only does the ear speaker allow privacy when having a phone conversation, it’s how all phones are intended to work! Without an ear speaker on your iPhone, calls will have to be made and taken using the loud speaker. This disrupts the privacy of your call and can also make it difficult to communicate from noise interference such as wind and other things around you. It is crucial that the issue be resolved, especially if the initial cause of your iPhone’s ear speaker malfunction was from water damage. Failing to do so could cause water to spread to other parts of your phone, resulting in even the loud speaker failing to work.

With the amount of iPhones that suffer from water damage, our repair specialists have dealt with countless cases in which ear speakers, loud speakers, buttons and screens were repaired or replaced. Through careful analysis and diagnostic testing, we can isolate the cause of the problem and repair it. Let us fix your iPhone’s ear speaker; it will function just as the day you purchased it!


Battery Replacement

Battery replacements are needed when a wide number of issues cause your battery to stop working in some way. Direct contact with liquid, overcharging, undercharging and other things can cause your battery to short out, overheat and even rupture. This can become dangerous for you, as the user, and also dangerous for your iPhone. Today’s iPhones use a lithium-ion battery that should be kept at least halfway fully charged and not in very hot temperatures. This decreases the overall battery lifespan of your iPhone and causes it to not function as it did the day it was purchased.

However, there may be times when the battery suffers from water damage, undercharging and overheating without you knowing it. If your battery cannot hold a charge or your phone seems to need to be charged more than usual, your battery may be malfunctioning and in need of replacing. Our repair specialists can replace your iPhone battery without hassle and can also make sure the battery hasn’t ruptured and started leaking into your phone. We can help prevent your iPhone from suffering permanent damage that leaves you needing to replace the phone entirely.

Power Button Repair

Turning your iPhone on and off or locking and unlocking your iPhone screen is all done with a single power button. Without it, there may be functions within your iPhone that you wouldn’t be able to use. Different factors can be the reason your power button ceases to work such as water damage, drop damage, overheating and others. Depending on how extensive the damage that caused your iPhones power button to fail is, the cost to repair it could be expensive.

Though this is something that can be fixed as a DIY project, why spend extra time (and possibly money) to try and fix your malfunctioning power button? Instead, let our iPhone repair specialists take a look! Our diagnostic tests let our team see why your power button stopped functioning correctly, allowing the determination of the best solution in repairing the issue. Our repairs will leave your iPhone, and it’s power button, working as new as the day you purchased it.


Volume Button Repair

An iPhone’s volume button allows the quick adjustment of how loud or quiet your ringtone, call, game and video volume is. Though there are ways around the volume button on the side of your iPhone, a malfunctioning button may lead to further problems later in the phone’s lifespan. Whether damaged from water, being dropped, too much pressure, or other ailments, your iPhone should always be analyzed, and even repaired, to reduce the risk of other issues occurring. Using toolkits and attempting a DIY project can be inexpensive, but also a hassle if you’ve never opened your iPhone up before and doing so could run the risk of causing more issues.

Our iPhone repair team specializes in using diagnostic tests to identify where the problem is, how it occurred and what the best solution is to fix the problem. We keep you up to date on the status of your iPhone and will also be more than happy to fix your phone for you as well. Let us repair your volume button and restore your iPhone back to its fully functional condition!

Microphone Repair

The microphone within your device allows your iPhone to pick up sound and relay it for calls, apps, or when you want to have a conversation with Siri. Without it, you can’t have a conversation with a caller, record voice memos, or use voice commands. Just as the rest of your iPhone, the microphone can suffer from water damage or other ailments, rendering it useless and causing frustration. It is highly recommended that this is not attempted as a DIY project in order to avoid a repair failure or further iPhone issues.

At My Broken Phone we have a team of microphone repair specialists who have taken on countless microphone issues and more. Our analysis and tests allow us to verify the cause and source of the issues so that it can be effectively repaired. Once repairs are complete, the microphone will work like new and your iPhone will function perfectly.


Vibrate Feature Repair

Regardless of being in a business meeting or a theatre, most of us like to keep our phones on vibrate. Doing so allows our iPhones to notify us when someone’s trying to reach us without our ringtones going off and interrupting. If the vibrate feature of our iPhones doesn’t work we could forget a reminder, to return a call, answer a text message and more. Placing your iPhone on vibrate is an important part of being courteous to others while being aware of what’s going on outside of where you are. Whether you use the vibrate feature on your iPhone as part of your alarm to help you wake up in the morning or to help you remember to do that one thing on your way home from work, it’s important that the vibrate feature works correctly to avoid any other problems that could result.

As iPhone repair specialists, we know how crucial it is to have a working vibrate function. Let us analyze your iPhone with diagnostic tests so that we can find out what caused the problem and how it can be fixed. Whether a simple repair or component replacement, our team can get the job done. We offer services for repairing everything from the vibrate feature of your iPhone to water damage and more and our repairs will leave your iPhone operating as good as the day you purchased it.