LG Repair

Diagnostic Service

Make sure that you are confident in the exact cause of your LG’s malfunction before spending money on repairs or replacements. Because of the many parts within a phone that work together, a problem that arises can seem like one thing when, in fact, it’s something else. Diagnostic services from a cell phone repair company can tell you what’s causing the malfunction and where it’s coming from. Unfortunately, a lot of companies will charge for this service and/or end up telling you that your phone cannot be repaired and needs replaced.

Fortunately, My Broken Phone’s team of diagnostic experts don’t charge you anything to take a peek inside your phone and tell you what the problem is. Our customers are also rather surprised when we return a newly repaired phone to them when other industry professionals had deemed their LG phones non-repairable. Through our experience of adapting to advancements in mobile technology, we can identify and isolate malfunctions in order to inform you of what needs repaired. Contact My Broken Phone and receive our diagnostic service for your LG smartphone.


Broken mobile smart phone isolated on white background with clipGlass & LCD Repair

It would make for a pretty easy fix if, when your phone was dropped and broken, the glass was the only part of your LG to be damaged. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Along with your glass screen the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is also damaged, resulting in distorted images or even your phone displaying no image at all! This can ruin anyone’s day, what could happen next?

Before you panic, know that your phone doesn’t need replaced and your repair cost isn’t going to be outrageous. Many companies charge a high price for a repair such as this one, and even then still might deem the phone past the point of repair. Our technicians are not only experienced in glass and LCD repair, but we also don’t cause you to waste money on something we’ve done with countless phones before. We provide solutions for our customers and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your phone will be returned to you looking, feeling and functioning as good as the day it was purchased.

iStock_000053862304_SmallTouch Screen Replacement

LG smartphones cannot function as intended if their touch screen doesn’t respond to touch or pressure, making your phone seem as useful as a paperweight. As a DIY project, this can seem rather overwhelming, especially if you haven’t opened your phone or tried to repair it in the past. Alternatively, many repair shops may charge you a high price and still tell you that the phone may need replaced instead. Before replacing your LG’s touch screen yourself or paying a lot of money that you don’t need to, consider a much more affordable option.

At My Broken Phone, our goal is to provide our customers with the most reliable smartphone repair service available. Our touch screen replacement experts have replaced countless LG touch screens and leave customers with a phone that looks, feels and functions like a brand new smartphone! No LG smartphone touch screen replacement is too difficult for our service team. Using only the best toolkits, our specialists inspect, isolate, and repair or replace the problem with your LG phone. Contact My Broken Phone for touch screen replacement and leave with ALMOST a brand new phone!


LCD Only Replacement

It’s possible for your LG’s LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to become damaged without the glass or even the touch screen becoming damaged. LCDs can become damaged from being exposed to water, dust, dirt and other things. This can cause distorted images to display on your LG and even keep your phone from displaying anything, period. In the event that this happens, you should have your phone’s LCD replaced immediately. Otherwise, your LG could suffer more problems in the future that could result in you needing your entire phone replaced instead of just your LCD.

For your LCD replacement, we recommend letting our LCD replacement technicians take a look. With experience in tons of LG smartphone part replacements and adapting to mobile technology advancements since 1999, we carry only the most trusted repair and replacement toolkits. Our knowledge and skills ensure your LG’s safe repair and replacement without a problem. Your phone will look and act like a brand new phone when we complete the LCD replacement and return it to you!