Motorola Repair

Doctor with stethoscope examine electronicsDiagnostic Service

What should you repair or replace if you suddenly have a phone that doesn’t function as intended? The fact of the matter is, you don’t really know what part needs serviced unless someone can diagnose the problem. With cell phones, there are a lot of different parts and pieces that make everything function properly. At times, it may SEEM as though the issue is your battery or a button, but it might be something else. The best decision to make would be to take it to a repair store where cell phone technicians can diagnose the problem before you pay money to have it fixed.

We recommend letting our diagnostic specialists inspect your phone. Our knowledge and experience in the cell phone repair industry allow us to provide you with the best solution for your Motorola phone after inspecting, diagnosing and isolating the issue. We can also repair your Motorola as well! Our goal is to provide each customer with genuine, quality customer service that will leave them and their Motorola phones completely satisfied. Our diagnostic services will give you peace of mind in what steps you should take to get your Motorola phone repaired.


Glass & LCD Repair

Some Motorola users are fortunate enough to have ONLY the glass on their screen break. Others, however, may have their LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) break or become damaged along with it. This results in distorted images or even no display at all! Many companies charge what feels like an arm and a leg to repair an accident such as that. Before you waste money with an expensive repair or complete replacement of your phone, there’s a better option for you.

My Broken Phone offers affordable repair solutions for your Motorola phone. Through our knowledge and experience, we will repair your phone and leave it looking and functioning just like the day you purchased it. Many of our customers are amazed to receive their repaired phone back from us when other companies told them that the device was beyond repair. We always carry top-of-the-line tools to ensure your phone is repaired properly. It is our goal to provide you with great customer service and professional repairs so that you and your phone are both completely satisfied.

Touch Screen Replacement

Smartphones become completely useless when their touch screen capabilities stop working. This can occur from many various ailments and leave you with a paperweight instead of a Motorola phone. Things such as water damage, dust buildup, dropping your phone from a few feet off the ground and other things can affect your phone’s ability to sense pressure from a user’s touch and respond accordingly. Many companies will charge quite a bit of money and will probably end up telling you the phone needs replaced anyway. So to avoid wasting money, what’s the best option?

Our touch screen replacement specialists have the ability to replace your Motorola’s touch screen without any hassle. From years of repairs to problematic and malfunctioning smartphones, our repair and replacement teams carry top-of-the-line toolkits and provide top-of-the-line customer service. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best solution for getting your Motorola properly repaired and we will leave it looking and functioning like brand new.


Mobile phone with broken screenLCD Only Replacement

Many phones are dropped and many times the glass or the glass and touch screen need replaced. However, there are occasions where the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) found underneath the glass, is the only thing that’s actually damaged. This doesn’t have to only happen from a fall and can occur from water damage, dust build-up, being dropped and more. This can prove to be a fairly difficult DIY process, especially if you aren’t familiar with the inside of a cell phone.

So instead of attempting to repair your LCD yourself, bring your Motorola to My Broken Phone. We can understand how frustrating seeing distorted images, or having no visible image on your phone at all, can be. Along with our experience and ability to repair a wide variety of phones with a wide variety of problems, we will fix your Motorola so that it looks, feels and displays just like the day your purchased it.