Samsung Repair

Doctor with stethoscope examine electronicsDiagnostic Service

At times, without realizing it, our Samsung phones can take quite a beating. We can be so careful with them each time we use them but they somehow end up with dents or cracks in the body or scratches on the screen. So if suddenly your phone doesn’t recognize that it’s connected to its wall charger, becomes unresponsive, or shuts off randomly on somewhat of a regular basis, how sure are you in knowing why your Samsung smartphone is acting up or what damage it has suffered that’s causing it to malfunction?

We recommend letting us examine your Samsung phone through our diagnostic service. Through careful analysis and testing, we can determine what the underlying problem is that’s causing your phone to work insufficiently and what the best repair solution is. Our diagnostic team specializes in identifying and isolating Samsung phone problems so that we can inform and teach you how to prevent them from happening again.


Broken phone screenGlass Only Replacement

Have you dropped your Samsung phone and cracked the screen? Or maybe something came in contact with it and left a deep scratch? Without glass replacement, the touch screen on your Samsung smartphone is more susceptible to malfunctions from dust particles or water damage. The malfunctions could cause a variety of overall phone issues from distorted images to the display not working at all. You should never wait to have your Samsung smartphone’s screen examined and replaced. Doing so could result in future damage and further problems from within your phone.

We can examine and even replace your Samsung’s glass screen. Our glass repair specialists contain the necessary tools and working environment to ensure that your phone’s screen is repaired and functioning properly. We can even inform you of various screen protectors and methods for protecting your glass screen display in the future.

Glass & LCD Replacement

The glass screen on your Samsung phone protects the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) from being damaged while also allowing it to function as a touch screen by recording the devices that touch it (and in some cases, the amount of pressure applied). Your Samsung phone is already in need of repair if the glass screen is cracked or broken because you run the risk of damaging the LCD behind it. However, there are many instances where we could damage the LCD without knowing it, further resulting in unstable behavior from the Samsung phone. The kind of damage, and degree of damage, can be the difference between distorted images loading on your screen to your phone not responding to touch gestures.

We specialize in Glass and LCD replacement for Samsung phones. Though these parts may or may not be expensive, a DIY repair project could result in further damage to the cell phone. Our diagnostic tests and analysis help indicate the best course of action to take in whether both the screen and LCD need replaced or not. Our repair service will have your Samsung cell phone operating as good as new.


iStock_000048607110_SmallWater Damage Repair Diagnostic

Repairing a phone after it’s been exposed to liquid tends to be a difficult and meticulous task. Water damage can cause the phone and battery to short circuit, not hold a charge and leads to the corrosion of inner components over time. If water damage isn’t taken care of immediately it could cause future problems for your device and the battery could even rupture and leak. Quick fixes aren’t guaranteed but have had a lot of success from different Samsung phone users including submerging your phone in a bowl or bag or rice, submerging your phone in a container of rubbing alcohol and others.

Don’t wait to get your phone repaired; doing so could cause permanent damage. With the necessary equipment and appropriate environment, our water damage repair team will run a series of diagnostic tests to analyze the extent of the water damage to your Samsung phone. Doing so will provide accurate information to our specialists in order to know how to repair and replace components and other parts of your phone.