Sony Repair

iStock_000051295450_SmallDiagnostic Service

If your phone isn’t responding to touch gestures, is displaying distorted images, is freezing and becomes unresponsive, or not turning on at all, you need to get it repaired right away. However, without knowing what the source of the problem is, how will you be able to get your Sony phone repaired effectively and efficiently? You could end up paying more than intended for repairs if you aren’t exactly sure where the problem within your phone is. This can be irritating and cause more issues than you want, so what’s the best way to figure out what the problem is?

My Broken Phone specializes in mobile repair services and can tell you exactly why your Sony phone is acting the way it is. Our Diagnostic Service specialists have worked with many different phones and have repaired many different problems. Our ability and knowledge within the mobile device industry make us leaders in service with our personalized customer care. We can inspect, isolate and diagnose the problem so that you know exactly why your phone is acting up. We offer the best solutions and can provide you with the right options in repairing your phone.

Glass & LCD Repair

When you drop your phone on a hard service or it is exposed to liquid, your Sony device can become damaged in numerous ways. If the glass is broken, dust, dirt, debris and liquid can get inside and spread through your phone, leading to unresponsiveness, crashes, loss in data, distorted images and a non working display. The same goes with your phone being exposed to water and can even lead to more problems as time goes on. Though your Sony phone should be repaired immediately, there’s no need for panic.

Our Glass & LCD repair specialists can fix your device to prevent additional damage from being done as well as reversing the damage(s) that may have already taken place. A lot of times, a repair company will charge a high price just to take a look inside your phone to see the extent of the damage, only to tell you that the phone’s no good and needs replaced entirely, costing you more money. Our customers are always surprised to see their devices repaired from us when other industry professionals had already told them that their Sony phone wouldn’t be able to be replaced. Your Sony phone will be repaired and returned to you looking and functioning just like new.


iStock_000048607110_SmallWater Damage Repair

Water damage can render your phone as a paperweight. Sometimes problems don’t arise immediately and pile up as time goes on until you can no longer use your phone the way it should be used. When your phone is exposed to water, the worst thing to do is to wait around to see what gets affected. Try to soak up and remove as much water as possible and get it to a repair store as soon as you can.

My Broken Phone’s Water Repair specialists have experience in repairing water and other liquid damage on countless Sony phones and many other models. Many repair specialists state that our customer’s phone is beyond repair, but when our customers bring their phone to us, they are always amazed at how we can fix it to look and function like a new phone. Through our water damage diagnostic tests and using only top-shelf tools, we lead the mobile device repair industry. Contact us if your Sony phone has suffered water damage and let us repair it right away!