Sony Xperia Z1 Repair

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Sony Xperia Z1 Common Issues

Yellow Tint On Screen

One major complaint and common problem with Sony’s Xperia Z1s device is an issue with a yellow tint on the screen which is especially noticeable when compared to other smartphones. Typically to fix this you can go into Settings > Display > White Balance and set the option B to 100. If this does not fix the issue then you will likely need your display replaced.


No Touch

Unlike iPhones and most Samsung devices, Sony does not integrate the digitizer into the LCD. On almost all Sony devices, the top glass of your phone is actually an electric circuit that is used to register your finger on the screen. That means this if the screen is cracked or damaged, the circuit will become incomplete and will no longer register your touch properly or at all. If your Sony device has lost touch functionality, bring your device into our technicians at My Broken Phone and have your screen replaced at a low price.


Water Damage

A major feature of Sony’s Xperia phones is the water resistant design. Unfortunately, water resistance is not guaranteed nor is it covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. If your charge port or SIM tray cover are not sealed perfectly, the phone will become damaged if submerged. If the unthinkable happens and your Xperia has become immersed in liquid bring the device into My Broken Phone immediately. Please note: the “rice trick” which involves storing the phone in a sealed container full of rice does not work. Water itself is a poor conductor and will typically not damage unpowered electronic components. However, unless you’re in a laboratory working with pure H2O, the liquid that has made it’s way inside your device is not pure water; it is the impurities found in the water that are corrosive to your phone and will damage it over time. While the rice may help absorb some of the water (which it doesn’t do very well anyway), it will not remove the corrosive minerals and acids from the motherboard. In almost every case, water damage needs to be treated by a complete disassembly and cleaning of your phone’s internal parts.