Tablet Repair in Brandon FL

Did you break your tablet or shatter the screen? Don’t waste your money buying a brand new tablet when you can have your broken tablet fixed! You don’t have to fuss with sending your phone off to some unknown address to be fixed, for tablet repair near Brandon Florida visit My Broken Phone in Riverview Florida. As your neighborhood cell phone shop we are here to help you save money while we save your tablet device from ruin!

You can trust our technicians know how to fix almost any phone; after all we have been at this a long time—since 1999 to be exact. Since then we have been blessed to expand into 4 My Broken Phone locations, 3 in Florida, 1 in Washington, and who knows where next! A result of our experience is higher quality repairs; we only use the best replacement parts, cut from the same cloth as the stock parts from your original device. This ensures the longevity of our mobile device repairs, and allows us to confidently offer a 30-day guarantee on all tablet repairs. Constantly updating our extensive knowledge, we are able to fix the newest and oldest tablet devices currently on the market.

Has someone told you that your tablet is broken beyond repair? Or do you just assume so because of its smashed, outward appearance? My Broken Phone successfully fixes many tablet devices that others have deemed ‘un-fixable.’ Before you spend lots of money replacing your tablet you should always stop in at our neighborhood location, we will do all that we can to provide you with a more affordable option. Lucky for you and your broken tablet we are located less than 10 minutes from Brandon FL. Visit us today off Winthrop Main St. in Riverview FL; we can’t wait to fix your tablet!

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