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Leading the way in service for all wireless devices, My Broken Phone has quickly become Florida’s answer for cell phone repair. Now hosting a fourth location in Tampa Florida,My Broken Phone Tampa Locationalong with their Lakeland and Riverview Fl. stores, plus a location in Vancouver Washington, My Broken Phone has been rapidly expanding to meet today’s needs of smart and cell phone repair service. We take our passion, knowledge, and experience for everything wireless and put it to great use by providing cell phone repair for both generic “text ‘n’ talk” phones and the latest and greatest smart phones. My Broken Phone also specializes in MP3 players and tablet repairs. The replacement parts we use are high quality and we defy you to try to tell the difference between our replacement parts and the factory parts. It is extremely important to use that our customers leave beyond satisfied with their repairs. We are so certain of our work that all of our repairs come with a *30-day guarantee, as well as a *30-day guarantee on all our accessories, phones and devices!

Repair – Don’t Replace

What is worst than having your brand new phone broken or damaged? And with the high-cost associated with the newest smart phones on the market today;it simply doesn’t make sense to run out for a replacement, not with My Broken Phone being around anyways, where we believe in Repairing – Not My Broken Phone Tampa Location InsideReplacing. Cell phones have always been an investment and with today’s ‘smartest’ smart phones, tablets and other wireless devices, this fact has never been truer.Experiencing damage to one of these expensive devices is not a great thing, but you do have options, such as getting it repaired! Here at My Broken Phone, our cell phone repair is extensive, covering everything from a cracked screen to total water damage. My Broken Phone is the first, last and only cell phone repair company to contact. Remember – REPAIR! – Don’t Replace! We can bring your broken and damaged cell phone back to life!

Wireless Solutions

At some point you will own a cell or smart phone that simply is out dated and not worth the cost to get it repaired. My Broken Phone has a solution for you! We are dedicated to the proper disposal of all old cell phones and devices and provide recycling bins at each of our four locations. Just drop your phone and we will handle the rest! There are no charges and you help to keep the environment healthy and clean! Or if you are looking to make a quick buck off your wireless device, we are always looking to purchase – CASH ON SPOT! My Broken Phone will also purchase your “cell phone upgrade” if you are looking to part ways with it that is!

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