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Vancouver Washington is home to the most reliable and experienced cell phone repair service in the Northwest – My Broken Phone. Providing repair and replacement services for wireless devices ranging from ‘text and talk’ phones to smart phones and even devices such as tablets, My Broken Phone are the Repair – Don’t Replace guys!My Broken Phone Vancouver WA LocationBoasting two other locations – one in Riverview Fl. and our newest location in Lakeland Fl. – we are more ready than ever to handle all of the cell phone, smart phone, tablet and other device repairs and replacements that are needed throughout the country. We strive to ensure our clients are satisfied in every aspect of their experience with us, which is why all our repairs come with a *30day guarantee while our accessories, phones, and devices come with a *30day guarantee. From offering the latest most stylist accessories for your hardware, to software questions to iPhone and iPad repair to service on your ‘text and talk’ mobile device, My Broken Phone can help you out – think of us as the little shop around the corner!

Repair – Don’t Replace!

Why continue to buy costly smart phones and devices when yours breaks or becomes damaged? While smartphones may be dominating the wireless telephone market they are easily broken, cracked, or damaged and with the all too often high price tag associated with these devices, running out and purchasing a new one when yours becomes damaged or broken is very unrealistic. Repair – Don’t Replace! We only use high quality replacement parts to make certain your phone is returned to you in perfect working order. Even the most extensively cracked and damaged phones can be repaired – including water-damaged phones! Contact us today to get the cell phone repair you didn’t think was possible!

Recycling Old Devices

It is an inevitability to at some point own a cell phone or other wireless device that is simply not cost effective to have repaired, has no value and is ultimately just taking up much needed space. During those times, you may think “Oh, well I can just toss this old cellphone in the garbage.” While it is true you can do that, it is not advised and that old cell phone should be disposed of properly. My Broken Phone is dedicated to being eco-friendly which is why we promote the proper disposal of old cell phones and devices by providing recycling bins at all our locations. Just drop your old phone into one of bins and we take care of the rest – there is no charge to you and you help to keep the environment clean and healthy at the same time!

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