Why and Why Not?

Before deciding why or why not a DIY phone repair is best, there are questions and facts to be clear of to help determine if the risk is worth the reward in the end.

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Will my warranty replace or cover my phone if I cannot do it myself first?

It is almost guaranteed that opening your phone and attempting to repair an issue will result in your warranty becoming void. Additionally it will more than likely become impossible to file a claim successfully if you have insurance on your phone. Because of this, it is always recommended to speak with the manufacturer and/or carrier of your device before attempting any DIY repairs.

How do I know what tools to use for DIY repairs?

There are various ways that DIY repairs on your phone can be accomplished. However, it’s always best to verify that you have the proper or correct tools in order to start and finish your repairs.

Screwdriver kit: Your cellphone is filled with various little screws that require a screwdriver toolkit to effectively disassemble and reassemble your phone.

Screw kit: Many smartphones use specific screws that normal or common screwdrivers can’t handle. Normally, specialty screws are used in order to prevent DIY or unauthorized repairs but it is possible to locate and purchase these screws to aid in your phone repairs.

Screen kit: A pry kit for replacing a screen is possibly the most important tool needed in phone repair. Screen kits are usually inexpensive and are used to separate parts that are pressed or fused together.

Why DIY?

DIY (Do It Yourself) repairs can be beneficial and rewarding but also expensive and risky depending on what the issue and severity of the problem is. Doing your own repairs have a wide variety in what may need to be done with benefits ranging from:

• Simply restarting your phone.

• Replacing a battery or SIM card.

• No wait time between shipping and company repairs.

• Less expensive for purchasing repair kits and necessary parts.

• Easily accessible parts to purchase for repairing your phone.

There are other benefits to DIY repairs as well but all DIY repairs vary depending on the carrier and model of your phone. Some phones are easier to crack open and look inside where others will guarantee a void in warranty.

Why not DIY?

Alternatively, not doing DIY repairs on your phone has it’s own benefits as well. If you are not experienced in mobile device repair of any kind it’s possible to fail to fix the problems and even make the issue worse or create more problems!

• Warranty could become void if self-repairs are made.

• Insurance claims could become difficult or impossible to make.

• The wrong parts could be purchased.

• The wrong tools could be purchased.

• More issues could be caused by attempting self-repairs.

• The phone could be further damaged.
• Attempted repairs could make the issues with the device worse.

You should always speak to the manufacturer and carrier about warranty and insurance coverage details. Doing so will verify whether or not DIY repairs will leave your phone without coverage, unable to be replaced and/or in worse shape than before DIY repairs were attempted.