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Most Common Causes for Charging Port Damage on Your iPhone

Regardless of the age of your phone, charging issues are quite common. Some charging issues stem from daily activity while others are caused by the iPhone’s design. Here are some of the most common causes that lead to iPhone charging port repair.


Corrosion is quite common among iPhone users when water and air have gotten into the port. Corrosion causes a weakened connection so that the phone no longer receives as much power or the charging process takes longer than normal. Since corrosion takes time, it’s challenging to know whether this is happening, especially since it could be as simple as getting some sweat in your pocket while you were exercising.

Dust, Dirt, and Debris

While you can’t avoid encountering dust particles in your daily tasks, when they come into contact with your phone, they can cause damage. Regardless of how diligent you are, it’s easy for specks of dust, dirt, or other debris to enter your phone’s small ports and penetrate it from there. Unfortunately, this can result in a lot of issues. When it comes to your charger port, these problems often have to do with connectivity. As these particles build up, they will make the connection between your charger port and cord fail so your iPhone charging port is not working.

A Broken Charger Port

One of the most complex problems that requires charging port repair is a broken charging port. This won’t happen unless some external force has been applied to it, causing the port to disconnect from the root connection or physically breaking the port. Typically, this is because someone has forced a charging cord into the port. Unfortunately, this is a complex issue that will require you to take your iPhone into the repair shop for iPhone charging port repair. A professional will need to open your phone and replace the port.

Bent Metallic Connector

When the metal stripe on the connector gets bent, you’ll need charging port repair. This is an easy thing to bend but bending causes problems, as the stripe plays an important role through its connection to the motherboard. It’s something that can happen at any time, regardless of the age of your phone. Once it happens, it’ll result in a slow charging process.

Loose Charging Port

Sometimes referred to as a slag charging port, this happens by incorrectly inserting the charging cable into your iPhone, continually charging your iPhone, not being careful while handling your cell phone, or even something as simple as using a charger or data cord that’s incompatible with your iPhone.

The only difference between a loose charging port and a bent metallic connector is what they look like. With a slag charger port, the charger is disconnected from the motherboard. This means that the charging cord and the receiver aren’t able to connect.

While a bent port may still slowly work, you probably won’t be able to use a slag charger port until it’s been repaired. You’ll need a professional to replace the metallic port connector. With a loose port, you may be able to bend the charger to a specific degree and still be able to achieve a good, secure connection.

When your iPhone charging port is not working, it can be very frustrating. You’ll want someone you can trust to fix the problem fast for you. That’s why you’ll want to reach out to My Broken Phone for the help you need.

5 Signs Your iPad Mini Needs a Screen Replacement

You may find yourself using your iPad for a lot of different purposes today. For this reason, you’ll want it to have a good screen. When something doesn’t seem right, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Here are five signs that it’s time to get iPad mini screen repair.

Tiny Cracks

You may not even notice that your iPad has a crack in it, especially if the crack is in a corner where it’s not on the visible part of your screen. In this case, you may not even need a mini iPad screen repair. Your iPad will continue functioning fine and shouldn’t interfere with your experience. However, you should invest in a screen protector. Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t spread. If the crack does start to spread, take it in to have a professional fix the problem so it doesn’t become worse.

If your iPad is somewhat new, it’s a good idea to take a look at your warranty. You may find in the fine print that you’re able to trade your iPad in for a new one. This process is straightforward if you’ve paid for AppleCare.

Spreading Cracks

While this is terrible to look at, you can still use your iPad if visibility and responsiveness are still fine. You should pay close attention to these cracks because they’ll probably start to spread, resulting in a worse problem than you’d thought.

There’s no need to rush in for an iPad screen repair right away, though. Such repairs are expensive, to the point that a trade-in may make more sense. They’re not going to charge you less money to fix a new crack than they’ll charge you to fix a completely damaged screen. You may be able to get several more months out of your device, which is enough time to set some money aside for the repair.

Side-to-Side Cracks

Side-to-side cracks become problematic. These cracks are usually quite deep and just using your iPad may make them worse. You should have a little time to plan ahead before getting an iPad screen repair, though.

Long, Color-Distorting Cracks

This is when you’re starting to deal with issues that could cause serious problems with usability. These types of cracks will usually distort the display screen. Unfortunately, when you have these types of cracks you’ll need to look for iPad screen repair near me right away.

These long cracks will often spiderweb throughout your iPad’s entire display screen. Without a mini iPad screen repair, your screen may fail altogether.

Multiple Cracks

The worst situation is when your screen has multiple cracks at the same time. These cracks will continue to spread and will eventually interfere with your screen’s performance. If you don’t get an iPad mini screen repair, your screen may no longer recognize your touch or it could even think that your finger is somewhere other than where it is. Unfortunately, such screens are beyond repair and must be replaced.

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iPhone Diagnostics: Can an iPhone Damaged by Water be Repaired?

It’s easy to determine if your iPhone has been damaged by water. Depending on your phone’s model, you just need to look at the charging port for an iPhone 4 or the SIM card tray slot for iPhones 5, 6, and 7. There will be a little white tab there that turns red when your device has been damaged by water.

What to Do When Your Phone Is Dropped in Water

While iPhone water damage repair is possible, there are some steps you’ll want to take immediately after you’ve dropped your iPhone in water. These steps include:

  • Turn your phone off so it doesn’t short circuit.
  • Take your case off so it doesn’t trap the water in.
  • Use an absorbent towel to wipe your iPhone off including your charging port, SIM card tray, and headphone jack.
  • Place your phone somewhere so that it can air dry for 48 to 72 hours.

Common Types of Water Damage

Water damage can cause several issues with your phone. How to fix a water-damaged iPhone will depend on which issue you’re dealing with. These issues include:

  • Your iPhone may no longer turn on, either because it’s short-circuited or because some of the internal compounds have been damaged or corroded, compromising your phone’s circuits. Unfortunately, you’ll need to take your iPhone to a professional for iPhone water damage repair.
  • When your iPhone will no longer charge after you’ve dropped it in water, there’s likely an issue with your charging port. This is more likely if the water entered your phone through the charging port. Since there are exposed electrical components here, it’s highly likely that it could become corroded or that your iPhone’s battery has become damaged. If this is the case, let the port dry before you plug your phone in so it doesn’t short circuit.
  • Sometimes water will damage your screen, leaving dark spots or lines underneath the glass. You won’t know right away if the damage is permanent or will result in other issues, so you should turn your iPhone off and let it dry for as long as possible. While this may seem like an easy answer to how to fix a water damaged iPhone, you should know that it’s still possible for the circuitry to be damaged. Damaged circuits can lead to additional corrosion that will cause the screen to stop working. Take your iPhone to a professional to have it assessed and fix any problems.
  • Your iPhone’s speakers may also be compromised if it gets wet, but sometimes it is challenging to know for sure if this is the problem or if there’s a bigger issue that’s gone unnoticed here. If you think that water is the issue, you’ll want to let your iPhone dry for as long as possible. Once you turn it back on again, take a few minutes to back up all of your data before testing the speaker. If there’s water in your speaker, using it could short-circuit your phone. Once you’ve backed up your data, try to play a ringtone or some music. While this will help you determine if there’s an issue, check this last so that you don’t accidentally damage your phone even more.

For an iPhone damaged by water, call a professional for repairs. You don’t want to trust your phone and its repairs to just anyone. Take it to My Broken Phone and have it fixed as soon as possible.

How to Prevent the Broken Screen on Your iPhone From Getting Worse

How to Prevent The Broken Screen on Your iPhone From Getting Worse

It’s disheartening to witness your phone get a broken screen simply because you’ve dropped it. Regardless of how much you may have paid for your phone, you may still find yourself in need of iPhone screen repair. Rest assured you’re not alone. This is a common problem.

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can cope with it. You’ll want to know what to do right away, though, because once your screen gets a crack it will probably start spreading. You’ll need to take preventative actions to stop this from happening. Here are some of the best things you can do.

Take a Deep Breath

Before you start to panic, take a deep breath and assess the damage. While you already know that your phone’s screen has shattered, you may not know that there could be some small glass particles laying around. Use caution so you don’t accidentally cut your fingers. Nevertheless, you’ll want to assess your screen to see if it’s been cracked or fully shattered. Depending on what you discover, there are some things you can do as you search for iPhone screen repair near me.

Apply a Temporary Sealant

You need to take immediate steps when you notice that you have a broken iPhone screen. Your screen has been designed to prevent dust, moisture, and debris from getting to the inside components of your phone. When your screen gets cracked, you’ve compromised this protection and your phone is vulnerable to things like moisture and dust. For this reason, you’ll want to immediately take the time to apply a temporary screen.

By preventing the crack in your screen from spreading further, you’ll have more time to find iPhone screen repair near me. For this, you’ll need to get a compound called cyanoacrylate to apply to the crack in your phone’s screen. As you apply it to your phone, make sure you slowly tilt your phone back and forth so the whole crack is properly covered. Once you’ve applied it evenly, wipe away any excess. Now, let the phone dry. Remember, this is only a temporary fix. You may also want to put a phone protector on your phone to cover the crack further until you can get it properly repaired.

Use caution here because a DIY project can cause more problems if you’re not careful. This is why this should only be a temporary solution. Make time to take your phone to a professional repair shop to have it fixed. You never know; your phone may still be under warranty and you won’t even have to pay for the repair yourself.

Seek Professional Help

If you happen to crack your phone’s screen to a great extent or shatter it all together, you should take your phone to have professional iPhone screen repair done for you. Even if you’ve made a temporary repair to your phone, remember that it’s only temporary. The only way to keep dust and debris from getting inside of your phone is to have it repaired correctly. This will also ensure that your phone doesn’t crack even further.

When you have a broken iPhone screen, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible, but not just anyone will do. You want someone trustworthy to work on your screen for you, which is why you should take your phone to My Broken Phone.

Why is Smartphone Insurance More Expensive than Most Costs of Repair Centers

Why Repairing Your iPhone Through Insurance Is More Expensive than Repair Centers’ Prices

If you recently bought a new phone, especially one of the latest models from Apple like the iPhone 12 max and mini, you were probably encouraged to buy iPhone insurance. You will need iPhone repair at some point, the logic goes, so why not pay in advance to cover those costs? The problem is that iPhone insurance may not actually save you money. Here is why you should look for iPhone repair near me rather than pay for monthly coverage.

How iPhone Insurance Works

Wait¸ you may be thinking, isn’t iPhone insurance free? Apple does offer 90 days of free tech support to new users. If you are a person who gets a new phone with every update and does not damage your device often, this may be enough for you.

For people who are planning to have their phone longer than a year, Apple tries to pitch their iPhone insurance, called AppleCare+. This plan provides two accidental damage fixes every year. AppleCare+ also gives you express replacement service and priority to tech support experts 24/7. They even have an additional plan that covers theft and loss.

iPhone insurance sounds good, right? Wrong. There’s a big catch to all of this. Not only do you have to pay for the insurance plan, but you also have to pay every time you use it for iPhone repair. As of December 2020, screen damage costs $29 and any other damage is $99. Losing your phone or having it stolen costs you $149.

Why iPhone Repair Shops Are Cheaper

When you have insurance coverage, you pay a monthly fee whether you use it or not. If you need the plan to fix or replace your phone, there is an additional charge on top of that. All these payments start to add up quickly when it comes to iPhone insurance.

On the other hand, when you get your iPhone repair done at a repair shop, you are only paying for the damage that has been done. If you never break your phone, you never have to pay. Even if you do crack the screen or mess up the battery port, the price is lower than the price of AppleCare+. You save the money you would have spent on iPhone insurance plus the expensive Apple repair cost.

There is another thing that iPhone repair near me saves you besides money: time. Even if you use Apple’s express repair service, you may still have to send your phone away. This leaves you without a device for days or weeks. Few people can go about their daily tasks at work and home without their phone.

With local iPhone repair, all repairs are done right in the shop. You come in with your phone and leave with your phone. There is no need to send your device away for weeks on end. Simply bring in your iPhone for repair, and a little while later, you can take it home as good as new.

iPhone Repair Near Me

Looking for iPhone repair without the unnecessary cost of iPhone insurance? My Broken Phone can help. Their repair services are fast, cheap, and reliable. Most problems can be fixed within an hour. The next time you need iPhone repair, think My Broken Phone first. Simply go to their website and type in your zip code to find the repair shop nearest you.

10 Common Habits that Are Likely to Ruin Your iPhone Battery Life

10 Common Habits That Are Likely to Ruin Your iPhone Battery Life

If you have an older phone, you might soon need an iPhone battery replacement. iPhone battery life decreases down over time, and the deterioration is faster with older iPhone models. Still, there are things you can do to put off battery replacement for a while longer. Here are 10 common habits you probably have that are ruining your iPhone battery life.

1. Searching for signal

One of the number one things that kills your iPhone battery life is searching for a signal in a low signal area. You can help prevent this situation by turning off your WiFi unless you are connected to a network. Just use airplane mode when there isn’t enough signal for your data to work anyway. Only your data or your WiFi needs to be on at any given time, not both.

2. Too many notifications

Constant notifications can wear down your iPhone battery health over time. Leave notifications on for just things you genuinely need to be notified about. Your phone battery with thank you.

3. Brightness

Smartphones have auto-brightness for a reason. The feature keeps your screen visible while also saving you from needing an early iPhone battery replacement. A super bright screen all the time causes serious battery wear.

4. Not using low power mode

Again, this is another feature that is there for a reason. Low power mode allows your iPhone battery life to adjust according to the percentage it is at and prevents it from further damage.

5. Extreme temps

Speaking of damage, you know that exposing your phone to water is a big issue. Extreme hot and cold are also problematic. If you let your phone freeze or overheat, expect to be seeking battery replacement soon.

6. Constantly quitting apps

Opening and closing applications requires a bit of battery power. Repeated actions like that can damage your iPhone battery life. Leave apps open while you use them instead of closing the whole thing between every new Snapchat or text.

7. Using data when WiFi is available

WiFi is better for your battery than data. It’s also cheaper in most cases, so there are two good reasons you should use it.

8. Charging when the battery is full

Once your battery is full, unplug your phone. Keeping it plugged into the charger past 100 percent can damage the battery. It is better to charge your phone during the day, even if it is in short bursts, than overnight when it will stay plugged in fully charged for hours.

9. Letting your phone die

Allowing your phone to dwindle all the way down to zero is not good for the battery. It’s even worse than charging it past 100 percent. These two habits can lead to the need for iPhone battery replacement. To keep the battery in good shape, plug your phone in when it is charged around 40 percent.

10. Keeping unnecessary apps

If you have apps on your phone that you don’t use, delete them, especially if they use a lot of battery power. Don’t leave apps that you rarely look at running in the background of your phone either. Keeping your storage under control helps your iPhone battery life.

iPhone Battery Replacement Near Me

Looking for battery replacement but don’t want to send your phone back to Apple? There’s a better solution. My Broken Phone is here to help. They have fast, cheap, and reliable iPhone battery replacement and repair services. Just go to My Broken Phone’s website and enter your zip code to find the repair shop nearest you.

3 Damage Risks of DIY iPhone Battery Replacement

3 Risks of DIY iPhone Battery Replacement

If you have had an iPhone for a while, you have probably noticed that the battery life gets worse over time. Apple has even admitted that they do this on purpose. At one point, Apple even offered cheap battery replacement options for older models of the iPhone. As long as you can get your hands on the correct type of battery, can you try iPhone battery replacement yourself? You really shouldn’t. Here are three reasons why.

1. Void warranty and insurance

All new iPhones come with a one-year warranty, but there’s a catch. This plan only covers accidental damage such as cracking the screen or dropping your phone in a puddle. If you purposely break your phone, Apple won’t fix or replace it. Opening your iPhone for DIY battery replacement counts as purposely damaging it.

Smartphones like iPhones aren’t meant to be opened. Battery replacement is not as simple as it was in the days of flip phones. Any evidence of tampering on the inside of your iPhone automatically voids the warranty and any other type of insurance you have on it. While iPhone insurance isn’t that good of a deal anyway, you don’t want to lose your warranty if you’ve had your phone for less than a year.

2. Damage a different part of your phone

As we said, iPhones are not meant to be reopened. If you choose to do iPhone battery replacement yourself, you run the risk of damaging your phone internally. It is all too easy to move a few wires around while they are exposed and find that your location services or camera are totally messed up once you get your phone back together.

This is assuming that you can get the phone back together in one piece and powering on. In all likelihood, battery replacement at home will lead to permanent internal damage that will cost more to fix. You may think that DIY iPhone repair is the cheap way out, but it often just leads to the need for more repairs.

3. Not actually fix the battery

Even if you do manage to open and close your iPhone without causing further damage, there no guarantee that you will be able to fix the battery. Buying a battery online can be tricky. You’re never 100 percent sure it is the right one and completely healthy, as the part isn’t something the manufacturer sells to the general public. Why go through all that trouble just to find that the new battery you put in has worse health than the one before? You’ll need iPhone battery replacement all over again.

Replacing a smartphone battery requires tools you probably don’t have lying around at home. You also need to keep things incredibly clean, as any dust or debris getting stuck inside your phone could cause a disaster. It will also take you a lot longer to fix since this is something you’ve never done before. Leave battery replacement to the experts and save yourself time and stress.

iPhone Battery Replacement Near Me

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Once you notice your iPhone isn’t holding as much of a charge as it used to, it is time to start thinking about battery replacement. This doesn’t have to be a hassle. With My Broken Phone, you can be in and out with a new battery in under an hour. Simply go to their website and type in your zip code to find the repair shop nearest you.

How to Back Up Your iPhone Before Getting it Repaired

Do you know how to back up your iPhone before getting it repaired?

If you are diligent or lucky, the iPhone backup to iCloud on your phone has been running automatically and you don’t have to worry about it. But if you are like the vast majority of iPhone owners, you have exceeded your free iCloud space and have not had a recent backup. If you’ve been getting messages that your iCloud space is full and you need to purchase more, we’re talking to you.

You probably haven’t been concerned: the photo is on your phone, so no big deal. Unless the iPhone goes down or you lose it. Don’t wait until that day when something horrible happens and you need to know how to back up your iPhone manually, only to be reminded that you have no space and have no idea what to do.

I don’t need an iPhone backup to iCloud, I just have a broken screen.

If you are only having minor external repairs, you should be fine. But even in these cases, there is always the possibility that your phone may need additional work requiring internal access. Or you may have serious issues that prevent your phone from being repaired and you will need a replacement phone. Without an iPhone backup to iCloud, you may be starting without some contacts, texts, emails, images, and more on your phone.

I have a SIM card, that’s all I need.

Your SIM card does have important information, so be sure it is transferred if you get a temporary or new phone. What it does not contain is any photos, E-mails, most of your texts, possibly some of your contacts, and other data. Most smartphones are set up to store all of that information on the device’s memory. That is why a backup from iPhone to iCloud is necessary to be sure to keep all of your important data.

How can I create storage space for Backup to iCloud?

To create some storage space, browse through your images, starting at the oldest ones. Delete the ones you don’t need. Maybe you took 3 or 4 of the same shot to select the best but never deleted the others. If you never clean out your old texts or emails, clean them out. Usually just keeping these three items up to date will allow enough space for daily backup from iPhone to iCloud. If it does not, you can pay a minimal fee for the iCloud storage. It may be worth it if you have this much data that you need.

How do I backup to iCloud before I have an incident or have to get a new phone?

Here is how to backup your iPhone to iCloud:

  1. Be sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and must stay connected the entire process
  2. Go to Settings- At the top is your name. Below that, Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes… tap
  3. iCloud-Tap
  4. Pull down to iCloud Backup-tap Back up now. If you get the message, “not enough storage available,” follow the instructions above.

It is clear that backing up your iPhone once it needs repair can be very difficult or even impossible for you to do. You need to maintain a current backup of your iPhone to the iCloud in case something happens to your phone.

If your iPhone needs repair, and you do not have a recent backup, the trained technicians at My Broken Phone may help you get a backup and repair your phone or help you with a replacement. Contact My Broken Phone for all of your cell phone, tablet, or smartwatch questions, issues, or needs. We look forward to the opportunity to impress you with our service, pricing, and highly trained technicians.

Can Water Damage Ruin Your iPhone Charging Port?

Can Water Damage Ruin Your iPhone Charging Port?

Oh no, you dropped your phone into a puddle! It’s happened to most of us, but that doesn’t make having a water damaged iPhone any better. Was your phone recently exposed to water and now the charge port is not working? Here are some things to consider before you look for a charging port replacement.

Check for Other Issues

Is your iPhone not charging when it is plugged in, or does the power blink on and off? There are many reasons that an iPhone won’t charge. Unless you know that the iPhone charger port was exposed to water, don’t assume that is the problem.

Check your charging cord and wall plug with another device. It may not be the charging port causing the issue at all. Once you have determined that the cord is functioning properly, look inside the charger port for dust and dirt. This is another common cause of an iPhone charging port not working. If your charger port is clean and the cord works but still the iPhone won’t charge, you might be facing a bigger issue.

Water Damage Control

If your iPhone charger port is exposed to water, you need to take action fast to prevent internal damage. This does not just mean rain puddles, sinks, or toilets, either. Dropping your phone in the snow or leaving it in a very humid environment for an extended period of time can also cause problems. Anything that could expose your charge port and therefore the inside of your phone to moisture may damage the wiring.

If your phone gets wet, immediately turn it off and get it as dry as possible. The longer it is exposed to water, the more water will leak in through the charge port and headphone jack. Remove anything you can, like headphones and phone cases. If the battery is not removable, such as with an iPhone, set the device upright so any water that got inside will fall down to the bottom and hopefully out of the charging port.

Do not under any circumstances put your phone in the microwave, freezer, or near a radiator. Don’t try to blow away the water with a hairdryer, either. All of these things will just damage your iPhone further. It has long been suggested to put your phone in a bag of rice after dropping it in water, but studies show that this doesn’t actually do much. It is better to leave the phone off and untouched until it is completely dry.

Get iPhone Water Damage Repair

If your phone won’t turn back on after it is dry, the iPhone won’t charge, or anything else is weird, the water most likely damaged the battery or internal wiring of the device. Even if nothing seems wrong, you should get your smartphone checked by a professional repair shop after it has been exposed to water. You don’t want to go on like everything is fine and then a month later have your iPhone not charging while plugged in become the norm. Many places will run diagnostics that scan for water damage for free.

iPhone Charging Port Not Working? Get Repair Fast

When your iPhone won’t charge, it is only a matter of time before you are without a smartphone. In today’s day and age, that is not a position you want to be in. My Broken Phone can help. They offer iPhone water damage repair and charging port replacement that is fast, cheap, and easy. You don’t even have to send your phone away to get it fixed. Simply go to My Broken Phone’s website, enter your zip code, and find a repair shop near you.

Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Battery Replacement

Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone battery life not what it used to be? There are many different reasons this could be happening. What model of iPhone you have determines a lot about the battery health. A faulty iPhone battery is not always a reason to get a whole new phone, as they are fairly easy to replace, but that does not mean you can’t upgrade instead of having iPhone 6s battery replacement if that is what you choose. Here is everything you need to know about iPhone battery replacement.

How to Check Your iPhone Battery Health

So you think your phone has been dying faster recently, but you aren’t 100% sure. How can you tell if it is time for iPhone 7 battery replacement? One way to check is to look at battery health under settings. As long as your phone is updated to at least iOS 11.3, you should have this feature. Apple added it back in 2018.

Head to settings, then click on the category titled battery. There will be a section called battery health on the next screen along with a chart of your iPhone battery’s charge level over the past 24 hours or 10 days. Tapping on battery health will lead you to another screen that has your phone battery’s maximum capacity. This starts out at 100% with new iPhones and goes down with use over time. You may notice your phone not holding a charge as long after as little change as two or three percentage points. Once the maximum capacity falls below 80 percent, your iPhone battery life is pretty much done for.

Another sign you need iPhone X battery replacement can be found on the same screen. Under peak performance capability, there is a message that either says your iPhone battery is supporting peak performance or it is not. Batteries that can’t support peak performance may lead to unexpected shutdowns before the charge percentage winds all the way down to one percent.

Doesn’t Apple Offer iPhone Battery Replacement?

Back in 2018 when Apple admitted that their iPhone battery life is designed to get worse over time, they offered iPhone 6s battery replacement for $29 for a limited time. That has long since expired. If you have AppleCare or a warranty on your phone, they will replace the battery for free or a reduced price. Otherwise it is fairly expensive to get your battery replaced. This is especially true for iPhone X battery replacement and other newer models, which usually cost around $70. Because the phones themselves are more expensive, fixing them is also a higher price.

Sending your phone to Apple for iPhone battery replacement can take a long time. Your phone dying all the time is annoying, but so is going without a phone for weeks at a time. Thankfully there’s a better solution when it comes to iPhone battery replacement: My Broken Phone.

iPhone Battery Replacement Near Me

Whether you need iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 6s battery replacement, My Broken Phone is here to help. Sending your phone back to the manufacturer can take weeks. My Broken Phone has you in and out within an hour for the newest iPhones and less for older models. They’re cheaper, too. Don’t waste time and money getting your iPhone battery fixed by Apple. Trust My Broken Phone for the same level of quality with way more convenience. They will even buy your old phones that you have sitting in a drawer somewhere. Visit My Broken Phone’s website and enter your zip code to find your closest repair shop today.