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10 Tips To Make Your Slow Android Phone Faster

Slow Android phone holding you back? Not anymore after you read these top 10 tips for making any Android smartphone run faster.

But First… Why Is My Android Smartphone SO Slow?

Your phone started off fast as lightening and then overtime slowly declined in speed to the point it’s now driving you bonkers. Every day your phone accumulates more and more data that eats up memory and ultimately slows down your phone’s ability to perform. One of the most common causes of a slow device is the need to delete useless data, old music and duplicate pictures.

1. Turn Off Or Scale Back Animations

Go to About phone in Settings, click Build Number 7 times to reveal a hidden Developer Options entry included in the menu. This will give you the option to completely turn Animation off or simply scale back. If you notice glitches go back into this feature and reduce animation scale to 0.5x for the best results.

2. Uninstall & Delete Unused Apps

You downloaded them thinking you’d use them but come to find out, you don’t. No need to be an app hoarder as it will only slow down your device. If it pains you to delete anything, just remind yourself you can always re-download apps at a later date if you change your mind.

Apps take up a lot of storage space and the more space you’re using the slower your device is going to operate. Deleting apps frees up memory space and processor cycles. Tap and hold down the icon you’re ready to delete and then drag it up to Uninstall to remove from your device.

3. Clear Out Photo Storage

One look through your photos and you’ll find a whole lot of “retakes” and screen shoots you probably don’t need. Delete as many unnecessary photos as possible to free up a surprising amount of space.

4. Delete Unwanted Downloads

Go to the Downloads folder in your app drawer. Here you’ll find images, sound clips and zip files you’ll never ever need again. Delete.

While you’re here, go into Misc. or Other, click this and you’ll be overwhelmed by a list of random things your phone has categorized and saved onto your device. These random files are created by different applications on your device, and chances are you don’t need them. Always check to make sure it’s not something important before deleting, but you should be able to find a good deal of junk here that’ll help you free up space.

If you root and ROM, check your backup files and delete anything you don’t need, as these files can be massive and take up a ton of space.

5. Remove Cached Data

Removing temporary data stored on your device can help speed things up. Go to Settings, Apps and then pick from the list—namely those that are taking up the most storage and memory. Click Storage > Clear cache and poof—cleaning made simple. Now if only it were that easy to tidy up your bedroom!

No need to do this all of the time, but over months and years caches become overloaded with data that can make your device sluggish. This should not erase any important data, so no need to worry.

6. Update Your Device

All updates are intended to improve security issues and implement bug fixes that may help your device operate faster.

7. Simplify Your Home Screen

Reduce shortcuts in home screen, remove live wallpapers, and get rid of widgets you never use.

8. Turn Off Auto-Synch

The auto-synch feature automatically connects all of your accounts and subsequent data to your smartphone device. While this seems convenient at first, it can quickly turn into a recipe for hogging data that drags your phone’s performance down.

9. Download An Antivirus App

A virus can make your device run slower. Download a reputable antivirus app to ensure that’s not the problem. Many of these apps also come with helpful features that show your smartphone performance in real time.

10. Factory Reset

A factory reset will delete all data from your device including your Google account, system, app data and settings, downloaded apps, music, photos and ALL other data. Before conducting a factory reset it’s adamant that you create a backup of all information. Once you’re positive that your information is backed up go to Settings > Backup & reset.

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