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4 Most Common Ways People Have Broken Cell Phones

Cracked iPhoneHelp, I Broke My Cell Phone!

You may love your cell phone, depend on it for so many different things, but that doesn’t change the fact you are likely going to end up with broken cell phones. Chances are within the next few months your useful mobile device will break. Even if you’ve had broken cell phones before, you still make silly mistakes that leave your phone tumbling to the floor. Every time you hold your breath, hoping the screen isn’t shattered or the back dented in. It’s not that you are careless, but instead it’s just nearly impossible to keep your phone from falling here and there. Your cell phone goes everywhere you go, and research shows people use them all of the time—on the toilet, while driving, at the beach—places where many distractions and cellular death-traps simultaneously exist. Since we are the experts on broken cell phones, we had some fun uncovering the most fascinating facts and statistics about broken cell phones. Including some wild stories about broken cell phones, how most cell phones break, and the most durable cell phones currently on the market.

How Do People Get Broken Cell Phones?

Millions of Americans know what it feels like to break their phone. Your phone can break in a number of different ways, although a shattered screen is one of the most common ailments. If your phone does not fall hard enough to shatter, it can still suffer impact damage. This can be seen if the screen has black lines spewing out in a certain areas, signifying the chemical inside of your glass screen is seeping out.

So how do most people get broken cell phones in the first place? The top 4 most common ways to break your phone include:

  1. Dropping your phone directly out of your hand
  2. Water damage from phone falling in toilet, pool, lake, etc.
  3. Phone drops out of your lap (this often happens when you stand up to get out of your car or out of a chair).
  4. Phone is knocked off the table

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According to research conducted by SquareTrade, 33% of all broken cell phones occur during a sporting game. Not because people are throwing them, but because they simply fall out of distracted hands. Sporting game or not, 12% of all broken cell phones are damaged because they are thrown out of anger or excitement. Can you imagine being excited about something and then your cell phone drops to the floor? Now that’s a mood killer. Not to mention, if you are already enraged and your cell phone shatters, your head might start to spin all the way around.

You want to be especially careful when your phone is sitting out on a table. 8% of all broken cell phones can be blamed on being pushed off of a table somehow. (Get More Information)

And perhaps the most surprising statistic from the same study reveals 13% of broken phones are dropped inside of beer! We suppose being intoxicated helps make this possible—plus maybe drinking out of really big mugs?