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4 Things You Can Do With Your Broken Cell Phone

Do you have a stockpile of old phones collecting in your bedside drawer? Or did you recently buy a new phone and it just broke? There are a number of scenarios that end in you having a broken phone on your hands. The question is what to do with your broken phone once the damage is done? There are a number of ways you can make money off of your cell phone even if it is broken. If you’d rather have your phone back in working order, as opposed to the cash, in many cases your cell phone can be fixed to work like new again. If you have a broken cell phone, here are 4 things you can do to make the most of a bad situation! 1. Make Money Off Your Broken Cell Phone If you are looking to score some extra cash, the old devices around your house can be mighty beneficial. Old laptops, cell phones, and cameras are hidden treasures throughout your home. Usually once an electronic is broken people assume that it is not worth any money, but that’s not true. Cellphones can be repaired or salvaged for parts, meaning you can get money for broken devices. According to the CEO of ecoATM, an ATM that allows people to dispose of their cell phones and get cash in return, “About 75% of everything that we get finds a life as a cell phone.” The other 25% is melted down for gold, platinum and palladium. This helps save the environment because mining and damaging production methods don’t have to be utilized as often, thanks to the ability to reuse old parts. (Learn More) Phones tend to break in the middle of service contracts, instead of the day before your contract is set to end. Most service agreements will not allow you to institute a new contract at this time, meaning you will have to buy a replacement phone at full retail price. Yet, even if your phone is uninsured and broken beyond repair, you can sell it for cash. This cash can then go towards your new replacement phone. 2. Early Service Agreement Renewal Most service carriers provide an early upgrade plan option for you to fall back on. This will allow you to get any phone at the discounted cost that comes with signing a new contract. Before signing your name on any dotted lines, it’s important to really analyze the cost associated with changing the terms of your agreement. In some cases, the deal ends up saving you money in regards to buying a full price phone. Other times, you will spend more on your new service agreement than you would to buy a new phone. 3. Fix Your Broken Cell Phone After your phone breaks you might think you have to buy a new one, but it will save you so much money to have your cell phone repaired instead. The option to fix your broken phone is almost always available. So long as the phone is not crunched and smashed to pieces, parts can be replaced and the phone can be made like new again. If one person tells you it is broken beyond repair it’s usually worth it to get a second opinion. 4. Make Sure To Properly Recycle You should dispose of your phone, and all electronics in an environmentally safe manner. On average, people replace their cell phone every 18 months, that adds up to a lot of old and new phones floating around. What happens to all of these old phones? Phones contain minerals that are toxic to the environment and when they are not properly disposed of they litter landfills, leaking toxins into the soil and surrounding water supplies, eventually polluting our entire planet. For free cell phone recycling visit the My Broken Phone location nearest you.

Should You Get Insurance On Your Cell Phone?

Before you buy cell phone insurance, ask yourself how much money your phone will cost to replace. Some high-end phones, like the Nexus smartphones, are sold for very affordable prices, in which case it might not make sense to pay extra for insurance. Then again, if it will cost you $600 to replace your phone it might be worth it to buckle down and pay your premiums. On average, insurance costs about $8 per month, meaning you’ll pay around $192 from start to end of a full 24-month contract. Of course depending on your service provider these numbers will differ, so it’s important to do the math for yourself. If a replacement phone is similar in price to a full 2-years of insurance, it might not make sense for two different reasons. For one, unless your phone is broken beyond repair, it is more than likely going to be less expensive to have your phone fixed than to pay for insurance. And secondly, if you are not prone to breaking cell phones it might make more financial sense to set aside the money you would put towards insurance each month in your savings account. Then, if your phone breaks, you have money to go towards repairs or replacement. If it doesn’t, you have extra money in your savings account—isn’t life sweet?! Broken Cell Phone

Should You Try And Fix Your Own Phone?

Fixing your own phone is a dangerous endeavor. We see many broken phones that have been made even more broken because someone tried a few DIY tips they read on the Internet. Of all cell phone models, the hardest to fix are Apple phones. They are also among the most expensive to replace if your repairs backfire. The big issue with attempting your own repairs is that you void your cell phone warranty 100% in doing so. Also, you could damage the phone in a way that decreases its value if you decide to resale it. Overall, if you fix your phone you are taking on a lot of risk and the results are not usually favorable.

We Buy AND Fix Broken Cell Phones

Come visit your local My Broken Phone location to have your phone fixed and working in no time. We are known to fix phones that other repair shops deem “unfixable.” Working with the latest, top quality replacement parts we can make your broken phone look and feel like new again. Looking to sell your phone instead? We buy broken phones too!