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5 DIY Phone Screen Repair Risks

5 DIY Phone Screen Repair Risks

If you have cracked your phone screen and are thinking of trying some DIY screen repair, think again. Screen repair is not as easy as you might think. Doing it yourself will most likely lead to a bigger problem. Here are five things that could happen if you try DIY iPhone screen repair.

1. No More Warranty

This isn’t something that might happen; it’s a guarantee. Any warranty you have on your cell phone will be lost the second you open it up for DIY iPhone screen repair. Since iPhones are not meant to be easily opened, prying them apart is clearly something you do on purpose. This immediately voids the warranty, as there is no way for Apple to tell what parts of the phone were broken before and what you ruined by opening the phone. Play it safe and leave the phone opening to the professionals.

2. Lose All Touchscreen Ability

This is one of the most common outcomes of DIY screen repair. Even if you actually manage to replace the screen, it is incredibly difficult to get all the wires reconnected. In all likelihood, you will get your phone back together, turn it on, and find that your touchscreen does not work at all. This can be caused by loose wires or even dirt inside the phone.

3. Damage Other Parts of the Phone

You plan to perform cracked phone screen repair, but that does not guarantee that other parts of the phone won’t break in the process. It is easy to move a small wire or two while your phone is open and find that your location services or camera no longer work. DIY screen repair can cause more harm than having a broken screen in the first place, especially if some of the fundamental functions of your phone no longer work.

4. Use an Incorrect Part

Since smartphones are not meant to be repaired at home, it’s hard to find the necessary parts to fix them. Even if you manage to find a screen for sale online, there is no guarantee it will make it to you in one piece. Beyond that, it may not be compatible with your phone or Apple-certified at all. You also need special tools in order to open your phone and replace the screen without damaging other parts. Any DIY screen repair kits you see for sale online are most likely too good to be true.

5. More Susceptible to Break Again

Let’s say you overcome all the odds. You manage to navigate screen repair all on your own, from buying a working part to attaching it correctly to getting your phone back together without breaking anything. Even if you do all this, your screen is more likely to crack again than it was before. Even the best DIY screen repair jobs aren’t perfect. In a few months, you’ll be in the same situation again. The more times you try cracked phone screen repair at your house, the more likely it becomes that you will permanently damage your phone. It may seem like you’re saving money, but having to buy an entirely new phone is not exactly cheap. Trust the experts for screen repair.

Need Cracked Phone Screen Repair?

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