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6 Best Free Messaging Apps For Apple & Android Phones

Best Free Messaging AppsTrying to communicate with people outside of the country, or just want to skip out on texting fees? There are a number of great free messaging apps you can download on both the Apple and Android store, allowing you to send and receive as many free messages as your heart desires! Not all messaging apps are created equal, some are great and others are not so great. Here we count down the 6 best free messaging apps available on both the Apple and Android market. 1. WhatsApp WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on the Android and Apple market. The app is free for the first year, and then costs 99 cents per year after that, making it affordable for everyone. In comparison, text messaging can cost 99 cents per message on some plans. This app allows you to send text messages, pictures, videos, and voice messages to one person, or through a group message. It uses the web instead of your network to send and deliver messages; this is why there are no international charges. It operates through your mobile number for easy access, and does not require any pins or passwords before sending and receiving messages. 2. **Skype Don’t have FaceTime? No problem! The best way to call someone on video for free is through the Skype messaging app. Skype has been around for a long time, and for good reasons. Skype also comes with a text-messaging feature that allows you to send and receive photos, text, and files. You can synch the app up to your computer as well, interchangeably using any number of screens. You can create a password and username in order to log in, or you can sign up for Skype using your Windows Microsoft Live or Windows 8 account. 3. **Kik Kik is a runner up in popularity with over 80 million users. Just like your normal text messaging plans, you can send and receive pictures, text, videos, and conduct group chats. Kik stands apart as unique because it offers direct YouTube links, includes your photo with your messages, and lets you draw and share sketches. The emojis that you can download through Kik are pretty incredible; South Park characters are an actual option, among many others. Kik differs from WhatsApp because it does not connect through your phone number, which does grant you more privacy. You can create any username you want as long as it’s not already taken. 4. SnapChat SnapChat is unique from all of the other apps on this list. It does have a general messaging box where you can quickly shoot things back and forth, but the main feature of SnapChat works a bit differently. When someone sends you a message and you click to view, it will consume your entire screen and then quickly disappear, forever. The sender selects how long they want their message to show up for, and after that time the photo or video is deleted. This is nice because it allows you to visually communicate without using up your phone memory. SnapChat can connect to your photos, meaning all is not lost if you take a really great selfie through the app, you can click the option to save the photo to your library. The app allows you to get creative with your text messages, doing them up with fun paint shop utensils. 5. **Google Hangouts Gmail is one of the most widely used forms of email, meaning most people have a Gmail account. You can synch your phone with your Google profile and use Google hangouts to send and receive messages. Since you can see all of your contacts on Google, it makes it very simple to reach out to someone. If you are in the US or Canada you can also use the app to call people for free. Since it requires data from your cell phone service, data charges may apply. For those that are already linked up with Google, the latest updates have given this app a lot of nifty new features you may find enjoyable. 6. Viber ** Viber is the least advanced free messaging app of the bunch, although it has extensive plans for the future that sound pretty cool, including shopping and gaming features. Viber allows you to make voice and video calls, as well as send and receive messages, images, and stickers. This app can run on 3G or WiFi, and group messages can include up to 100 people. Each Viber account comes with a QR code that can be scanned for easy sharing with others. Don’t let a broken phone slow down your social life. Bring your device into My Broken Phone for fast, reliable cell phone repairs that will have your device working like new again—guaranteed!