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Can Water Damage Ruin Your iPhone Charging Port?

Can Water Damage Ruin Your iPhone Charging Port?

Oh no, you dropped your phone into a puddle! It’s happened to most of us, but that doesn’t make having a water damaged iPhone any better. Was your phone recently exposed to water and now the charge port is not working? Here are some things to consider before you look for a charging port replacement.

Check for Other Issues

Is your iPhone not charging when it is plugged in, or does the power blink on and off? There are many reasons that an iPhone won’t charge. Unless you know that the iPhone charger port was exposed to water, don’t assume that is the problem.

Check your charging cord and wall plug with another device. It may not be the charging port causing the issue at all. Once you have determined that the cord is functioning properly, look inside the charger port for dust and dirt. This is another common cause of an iPhone charging port not working. If your charger port is clean and the cord works but still the iPhone won’t charge, you might be facing a bigger issue.

Water Damage Control

If your iPhone charger port is exposed to water, you need to take action fast to prevent internal damage. This does not just mean rain puddles, sinks, or toilets, either. Dropping your phone in the snow or leaving it in a very humid environment for an extended period of time can also cause problems. Anything that could expose your charge port and therefore the inside of your phone to moisture may damage the wiring.

If your phone gets wet, immediately turn it off and get it as dry as possible. The longer it is exposed to water, the more water will leak in through the charge port and headphone jack. Remove anything you can, like headphones and phone cases. If the battery is not removable, such as with an iPhone, set the device upright so any water that got inside will fall down to the bottom and hopefully out of the charging port.

Do not under any circumstances put your phone in the microwave, freezer, or near a radiator. Don’t try to blow away the water with a hairdryer, either. All of these things will just damage your iPhone further. It has long been suggested to put your phone in a bag of rice after dropping it in water, but studies show that this doesn’t actually do much. It is better to leave the phone off and untouched until it is completely dry.

Get iPhone Water Damage Repair

If your phone won’t turn back on after it is dry, the iPhone won’t charge, or anything else is weird, the water most likely damaged the battery or internal wiring of the device. Even if nothing seems wrong, you should get your smartphone checked by a professional repair shop after it has been exposed to water. You don’t want to go on like everything is fine and then a month later have your iPhone not charging while plugged in become the norm. Many places will run diagnostics that scan for water damage for free.

iPhone Charging Port Not Working? Get Repair Fast

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