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Charging Port Repair: How to Decide If You Need Yours Replaced

Charging Port Repair: How to Decide If You Need Yours Replaced

One of the most common issues that iPhone owners come across is problems with their charging port. You may notice that your phone isn’t charging when you plug it in, but you don’t know why this is the case. Here are some things to look for and think about if your charging port is not working correctly, as well as how to figure out if you need iPhone charging port repair.

Is Your Charging Port Clean?

Our phones get dirty. We take them with us everywhere: to work, school, restaurants, on public transit, even the bathroom. Most of us don’t think about cleaning our phones very often, and if we do, we just wipe the screen and the case. Because of this, dust can build up in the charging port and prevent it from working properly. If you have to have your charger at just the right angle in order for it to work or it won’t stay plugged in at all, your iPhone charger port may be dirty. The charging sign blinking on and off is also a sign of a dirty charging port. You can try to clean the dust out yourself by blowing in the port or pulling the dirt out with a small tool like tweezers, but there is always the possibility that you will damage your phone further. Getting professional iPhone charge port repair is always the best solution, especially since they can determine if your port is just dirty or has a bigger issue.

Should Your Charging Cord and Battery Be Working?

One way to tell if the actual charging port is the problem is to test your charger on another device. If your cord and wall plug charge a different device without a problem, that suggests that your phone, not the charger, is the problem. Another thing to check is the battery level. In settings under the battery, you can look at the health of your phone’s battery on a percentage scale. If it is at 100 percent or close to it, the phone should be charging quickly and well. If your battery and charger work but the phone still has battery issues, that suggests the need for iPhone charging port repair.

Is There Visible Damage in or Around the Charge Port?

If you bought your phone brand new, you know what it was made to look like. As it becomes damaged over time, it’s easy to forget how well it is supposed to function. Peeling paint or deep scratches around the charge port might cause a problem. Also look for dark spots, which may mean that burning has occurred inside the phone. Look in the iPhone charging port itself for damage to the pins. These should be straight and evenly spaced. Bent, broken, or missing pins are often the cause of charging issues. You may need to get the entire charge port replaced if you have one of these problems.

Looking for iPhone Charging Port Repair Near Me?

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