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Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Battery Replacement

Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone battery life not what it used to be? There are many different reasons this could be happening. What model of iPhone you have determines a lot about the battery health. A faulty iPhone battery is not always a reason to get a whole new phone, as they are fairly easy to replace, but that does not mean you can’t upgrade instead of having iPhone 6s battery replacement if that is what you choose. Here is everything you need to know about iPhone battery replacement.

How to Check Your iPhone Battery Health

So you think your phone has been dying faster recently, but you aren’t 100% sure. How can you tell if it is time for iPhone 7 battery replacement? One way to check is to look at battery health under settings. As long as your phone is updated to at least iOS 11.3, you should have this feature. Apple added it back in 2018.

Head to settings, then click on the category titled battery. There will be a section called battery health on the next screen along with a chart of your iPhone battery’s charge level over the past 24 hours or 10 days. Tapping on battery health will lead you to another screen that has your phone battery’s maximum capacity. This starts out at 100% with new iPhones and goes down with use over time. You may notice your phone not holding a charge as long after as little change as two or three percentage points. Once the maximum capacity falls below 80 percent, your iPhone battery life is pretty much done for.

Another sign you need iPhone X battery replacement can be found on the same screen. Under peak performance capability, there is a message that either says your iPhone battery is supporting peak performance or it is not. Batteries that can’t support peak performance may lead to unexpected shutdowns before the charge percentage winds all the way down to one percent.

Doesn’t Apple Offer iPhone Battery Replacement?

Back in 2018 when Apple admitted that their iPhone battery life is designed to get worse over time, they offered iPhone 6s battery replacement for $29 for a limited time. That has long since expired. If you have AppleCare or a warranty on your phone, they will replace the battery for free or a reduced price. Otherwise it is fairly expensive to get your battery replaced. This is especially true for iPhone X battery replacement and other newer models, which usually cost around $70. Because the phones themselves are more expensive, fixing them is also a higher price.

Sending your phone to Apple for iPhone battery replacement can take a long time. Your phone dying all the time is annoying, but so is going without a phone for weeks at a time. Thankfully there’s a better solution when it comes to iPhone battery replacement: My Broken Phone.

iPhone Battery Replacement Near Me

Whether you need iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 6s battery replacement, My Broken Phone is here to help. Sending your phone back to the manufacturer can take weeks. My Broken Phone has you in and out within an hour for the newest iPhones and less for older models. They’re cheaper, too. Don’t waste time and money getting your iPhone battery fixed by Apple. Trust My Broken Phone for the same level of quality with way more convenience. They will even buy your old phones that you have sitting in a drawer somewhere. Visit My Broken Phone’s website and enter your zip code to find your closest repair shop today.