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How Do I Fix My iPhone Charger Port?

How Do I Fix My iPhone Charger Port?

So your charge port is not working. What should you do? There are a few things to try before you start looking for charging port repair. In fact, it might not be your charger port that’s the problem at all. Here is everything you need to know about troubleshooting your iPhone charger port.

Make Sure Your Phone Is The Problem

When you are having charge port problems, the issue could be coming from a few different places. It could be your iPhone charger port itself, but it could also be your charging cord or cube. If the cable you usually use is visibly frayed or cracked, it might not be working. If possible, try your charging cord with another device. You can also switch out the cube that transfers the USB plug to a wall plug. It may be that your charging port does not need fixing. You just need to buy a new cord.

Clean Your Charger Port

A little bit of dust can actually cause a big problem. Check that your charge port is clean before you panic that it isn’t working. Blow in the charging port or use a can of compressed air to clear the dust out. More often than not, dirt is the cause of your charger port problem.

Restart and Update

Sometimes your charging issues are actually caused by software glitches. Turning your phone off and then turning it back on fixes the vast majority of problems. When in doubt, try that first. Make sure your phone is running the newest iOS as well. Not updating can make random and seemingly unrelated parts of your phone, like charging, stop working properly. Restart and update before deciding you have a broken charge port.

Consider Your Battery Health

If your phone is still charging, just very slowly, the problem might not be charging port-related. Go to settings and look at your phone’s battery health. A low percentage means your battery is not as strong as it used to be. It will not hold a charge as long, and it takes longer to reach 100 percent than it used to. If this problem gets really bad, you will need to replace your battery. This is more common in older models of phones since batteries wear down over time.

Consider Why Your Charge Port Isn’t Working

If you have tried all of these tactics and still find that your charge port is not working, you have an issue with the port itself. Think about why it’s broken. Look for cracks near the charging port. If there is no external damage, water is probably your culprit. Something as simple as dropping your phone in the snow, carrying it out in the rain, or leaving it in a very humid place for a long time could cause moisture to get trapped inside the phone. It’s only a matter of time before that results in a broken charger port.

Don’t DIY iPhone Charger Port Repair

Once you determine your port is broken, take it to professionals to be fixed. Do not try to fix it yourself. Smartphones are not meant to come apart. You will most likely damage something else even if you manage to replace the charging port.

Don’t think that professional repair will be a big hassle, either. My Broken Phone can fix your charger port in 20 to 45 minutes. Simply go to their website, enter your zip code, and find the location nearest you. It has never been easier, faster, or cheaper to get your charger port fixed.