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How to Back Up Your iPhone Before Getting it Repaired

Do you know how to back up your iPhone before getting it repaired?

If you are diligent or lucky, the iPhone backup to iCloud on your phone has been running automatically and you don’t have to worry about it. But if you are like the vast majority of iPhone owners, you have exceeded your free iCloud space and have not had a recent backup. If you’ve been getting messages that your iCloud space is full and you need to purchase more, we’re talking to you.

You probably haven’t been concerned: the photo is on your phone, so no big deal. Unless the iPhone goes down or you lose it. Don’t wait until that day when something horrible happens and you need to know how to back up your iPhone manually, only to be reminded that you have no space and have no idea what to do.

I don’t need an iPhone backup to iCloud, I just have a broken screen.

If you are only having minor external repairs, you should be fine. But even in these cases, there is always the possibility that your phone may need additional work requiring internal access. Or you may have serious issues that prevent your phone from being repaired and you will need a replacement phone. Without an iPhone backup to iCloud, you may be starting without some contacts, texts, emails, images, and more on your phone.

I have a SIM card, that’s all I need.

Your SIM card does have important information, so be sure it is transferred if you get a temporary or new phone. What it does not contain is any photos, E-mails, most of your texts, possibly some of your contacts, and other data. Most smartphones are set up to store all of that information on the device’s memory. That is why a backup from iPhone to iCloud is necessary to be sure to keep all of your important data.

How can I create storage space for Backup to iCloud?

To create some storage space, browse through your images, starting at the oldest ones. Delete the ones you don’t need. Maybe you took 3 or 4 of the same shot to select the best but never deleted the others. If you never clean out your old texts or emails, clean them out. Usually just keeping these three items up to date will allow enough space for daily backup from iPhone to iCloud. If it does not, you can pay a minimal fee for the iCloud storage. It may be worth it if you have this much data that you need.

How do I backup to iCloud before I have an incident or have to get a new phone?

Here is how to backup your iPhone to iCloud:

  1. Be sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and must stay connected the entire process
  2. Go to Settings- At the top is your name. Below that, Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes… tap
  3. iCloud-Tap
  4. Pull down to iCloud Backup-tap Back up now. If you get the message, “not enough storage available,” follow the instructions above.

It is clear that backing up your iPhone once it needs repair can be very difficult or even impossible for you to do. You need to maintain a current backup of your iPhone to the iCloud in case something happens to your phone.

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