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Power Button: What to Do If Your Power Button Is Not Working Properly

Power Button: What to Do If Your Power Button Is Not Working Properly

Is your iPhone power button not working? It’s one of those things that doesn’t seem like a big deal until it’s broken. How often do we even turn off our phones, right? The power button is used for more than turning your device on and off, though. You need it for taking screenshots, confirming app purchases, locking your phone, and more. Here are some things to try if your iPhone power button is not working properly.

Clean Your Phone

Our phones get super dirty, which is no surprise since we take them with us everywhere. Sometimes dirt can get inside the buttons and make them stick. See if there is any visible dust around your power button. If so, you can clean it out with a q-tip, vacuum, can of compressed air, or just your finger. Another thing to check for is the buildup on the inside of your case. If your phone case isn’t sitting against your phone properly, it may cause the iPhone power button not to work.

Restart and Update

Sometimes when your iPhone power button isn’t working, it is a software issue. You can always try to turn your phone off and then back on (which may require configuring some settings depending on how badly the button is stuck). If your iPhone doesn’t have the newest iOS, update it. These things are simple, but they are often the issue. Don’t disregard this solution just because it’s easy.

Use Alternatives

Wondering how to turn off an iPhone without the power button? There are alternatives to using the power button on an iPhone. These alternatives can be found in settings. Under accessibility, there’s a feature called “assistive touch.” This allows you to use part of the screen in place of the power button. This won’t fix your actual power button, obviously, but it is a viable alternative. Some people find this option easier and use it all the time, even if they have functional power buttons. Features like face ID, raise to awake, and voice commands are also helpful to use while your iPhone power button is broken.

Look for Hardware Issues

There is always the possibility that there is something wrong with the power button itself. Not being able to press the button in is a sure sign of a broken iPhone power button. It should click in slightly when pressed. Scratches, dents, or cracks near the power button can also signal a deeper hardware problem. Think back to if your phone has ever been exposed to water. This doesn’t just mean dropping it in a puddle, either. Dropping your phone in the snow, leaving it in a hot car, or using it in a very humid climate are all things that can damage the iPhone internally.

If you are facing one of these problems, your iPhone needs to be repaired. You can try to repair it yourself, but the chances of you messing something else up are high. Unlike old cell phones, smartphones like iPhones aren’t made to be easily opened. If you manage to get it apart, just the slightest change to a wire could cause serious problems. It is also difficult to figure out what is wrong with the power button just by looking at it if you aren’t a tech expert. You could always replace it, but you run the risk of it still not working or damaging a different part of the phone.

iPhone Repair Near Me

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