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Tips for Finding an iPhone Screen Repair Shop That You Trust

5 Tips for Finding an iPhone Screen Repair Shop That You Trust

If you have a cracked or completely broken phone screen, do you have to get Apple iPhone screen repair? While the manufacturer may want you to believe this, it is actually not true. Plenty of third-party repair shops are just as qualified to do iPhone screen repair as Apple is. They may even bring down the iPhone screen repair cost significantly. But how do you find a screen repair shop that you trust? Here are five tips.

1. Do you own research

When it comes to finding cell phone screen repair, you are going to need to look things up for yourself. Asking your manufacturer will only lead to them telling you that any third party shop will ruin your phone, but this is simply not the case. Attempting phone screen repair yourself may result in disaster, but taking your device to a professional company for repairs likely will not. Look online for “iPhone screen repair near me” and see what comes up. It probably won’t take too much digging to find someplace trustworthy.

2. Ask your friends

Lots of people have experienced the stress of a broken phone screen. Ask your friends what they did when they were in your shoes. Even if all they have are some horror stories, you will know what not to do for screen repair. Who knows – maybe they already have a local business in mind that does iPhone screen repair well for a great price. You never know until you ask.

3. Read online reviews

If none of your friends have suggestions, online reviews can get you similar results. Most phone screen repair shops have websites with customer reviews on them. Even if they don’t, you can look at reviews on Google or even Yelp. It does not take too long to figure out if a screen repair place is trustworthy from reviews. You usually know after reading just a handful. Look for places that customers praised things like low iPhone screen repair cost and little wait time.

4. Look for certified Apple iPhone screen repair

There is one case when you want to take Apple’s advice about screen repair. The company will sometimes give repair shops a certification that says the business is trustworthy. Other manufacturers like Samsung will occasionally do this as well. While not super common, a screen repair shop that has the backing of the manufacturer is sure to have the correct parts to fix your broken phone screen.

5. Find professionals

You don’t want someone unqualified to do your cell phone screen repair. You could try yourself with similar results. Make sure that whatever cell phone screen repair shop you choose employs professionals that know what they are doing. It is not uncommon to find people who used to work for Apple, Microsoft, or other large tech companies employed by an independent phone screen repair shop. Stores will likely make this information clear to their potential customers. Even if they don’t, you can always ask.

iPhone Screen Repair Near Me

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