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Apple’s iPad Air – The Next Generation of iPads!

iPad Air

iPad Air - Next Generation of iPads

Do more than you ever thought imaginable in places you never before thought possible on a tablet – That is the idea behind Apple’s iPad Air! Having been amazingly integrated with iOS7, Apple’s latest iPad, the iPad Air brings together the A7 chip, an advanced wireless system, and apps upon apps that allow you to be your creative self to the fullest, while consistently producing graphics that will totally blow you away. The iPad Air weighs only 1lb, making it 28% more lighter than your standard iPad. And because it is 20% thinner, it has 24% less volume making it much easier to hold, carry around, and do things on. Even though the iPad Air is incredibly thin, some even saying impossibly thin, it is beyond solid. The aluminum unibody design has allowed Apple to create an amazingly thin device, without forfeiting performance, that won’t fall apart in your hands. Loosing nearly a quarter of the volume the past generation iPads carried around, is not what makes this generation of iPads really stand out, but rather how much more power and capability is packed into it. The iPad Air lets you do far more with it and lug around even less!

Air Hardware

From apps running faster than ever, to more responsive gaming, the A7 chip that the iPad Air uses takes the iPad to higher heights – a place where power and speed are operating at their peak performance. The iPad Air is up to as twice as fast than its predecessors, allowing you to do everything as much as two times faster, a very noticeable difference. One of the truly remarkable differences that set Apple’s iPad Air apart from the previous generations is that it supports OpenGL ES version 3.0. With detailed graphics and visual effects, once only possible on desktops and gaming consoles, playing your favorite apps is a whole new and exciting experience, additionally, the A7 chip offers a 64-bit architecture. The 64-bit architecture allows for future programmers to create and design more powerful, more beautiful, and most importantly – funner apps. The idea behind iPads is that they are to be used while constantly on the move -wherever whenever you need them – take’em everywhere – and the iPad Air is solidly rooted, built and designed, around this idea. Employing the M7 compressor, which measure motion from the iPad Air from the data it collects via the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope, the apps offer a better experience, all based off the movement of the iPad Air. This was normally an additional task that A7 chip would need to perform, but the M7 is far more efficient at it and saves power, so it just make most sense to pass it off to the M5. Speaking of power, just because Apple’s new iPad Air is thinner and doubly fast as past generations does not mean it has lost power. In fact the iPad Air supports the same 10-hour battery life, allowable thanks to the A7 chip. Boasting a 2048-by-1536 resolution and over 3.1 million pixels, video and image details explode in your eyes, text has never displayed as crisp and clear as it does on the iPad Air, all thanks to Apple’s Retina Display. An iPad is basically just the screen, and this is even truer with the iPad Air, because Apple reduced the device’s width and decreased the side bezels, there is more screen to take in – more Retina Display screen that is!

Air’s Software

The iOS7 was designed specifically for the the iPad Air, so everything looks amazingly and runs beautifully. Supporting powerful new features like smarter multitasking, AirDrop and Control Center, everything you need to do you can do faster, easier, and will be far more enjoyable. Apple’s new iPad Air is a major step forward for tablets. Having cut down the size of the tablet while improving upon its usability and speed plus maintaining its battery life, Apple has succeeded once again in taking one of their products and making it greater than it already was!